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Collector, The

Morgan Pym Chris Kramer
Gabriel Slate Aidan Drummond
Jeri Slate Ellen Dubin
Narrator / Nuremburg Devil Colin Cunningham
Katrina Ona Grauer
Maya Kandinski (Season 1) Carly Pope
Maya Kandinski (Season 2) Sonya Salomaa
Taylor Christine Chatelain

Production Credits:
Music by Michael Richard Plowman
Production Credits (companies) No Equal Entertainment
Chum Television
Created By Jon Cooksey
Ali Matheson
Executive Producer Jon Cooksey
Ali Matheson
Larry Sugar

Maintainer Zen


The Collector aired in Canada on CityTV and Space. After 3 Seasons, the show has been cancelled.

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He made a deal with the Devil six centuries ago and now he's changing the rules.

Morgan Pym appears to be in his mid-30s, but was in fact born in 1322 AD, in Nuremberg. Centuries ago, he made a deal with Satan: his soul, in exchange for 10 years with his one true love. After she died, Morgan - desperate to avoid eternity in hell - agreed to become a Collector, charged with collecting souls from those who'd made deals with Satan. Morgan's deal with the devil includes one additional clause: Morgan is allowed 48 hours with each client to try and redeem them before they are condemned to hell...

Episode descriptions courtesy of the Official Site, CityTV and Spacecast.


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