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Earth 2

John Danziger Clancy Brown
Devon Adair Debrah Farentino
Bess Martin Rebecca Gayheart
Morgan Martin John Gegenhuber
Alonzo Solace Antonio Sabato Jr.
Julia Heller, M.D. Jessica Steen
Yale Sullivan Walker
True Danziger J. Madison Wright
Ulysses 'Uly' Adair Joey Zimmerman

Baines Rockmond Dunbar
Walman Walter Norman
Magus Marcia Magus
Zero Tierre Turner
Mazatl Fred Lopez
Cameron Kirk Trutner
Denner Deneille Fisher

Production Credits:
Music by David Bergeaud
Production Credits (companies) Amblin Entertainment
Universal TV
Created By Michael Duggan
Mark Levin
Carol Flint
Billy Ray
Executive Producer Michael Duggan
Mark Levin
Carol Flint

Maintainer Zen


Earth 2 aired in US on NBC.

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Two hundred years into the future, Devon Adair embarks on a mission to save her son's life and to provide humanity with a second chance. After traveling through space for twenty-two years, Devon and her small Advance team are forced to crash-land onto the far-away planet known as G-889. They are thousands of miles from their destination: New Pacifica, where they're supposed to set up a colony for the 250 families that are following. The survivors start out on a long and perilous journey toward New Pacifica. During their journey they will learn a lot about the mysteries of their new home and themselves.

There has been a lot of discussion about the proper "order" for the episodes. NBC aired them out of order. Several Earth 2 fan sites have them listed differently. The index for this guide is listed in the proper viewing order based on the "Day Number" journal entries in the episodes themselves, and on the following commentary from Earth 2: Eden Advance FAQ.

Where was the episode "Natural Born Grendlers" supposed to go?

There has been a great deal of controversy about the placement of the "lost episode" called "Natural Born Grendlers". Kevin Pike, the special effects supervisor for E2, explained that the B-story for NBG - Alonzo's attempted suicide and his gradual acceptance of life on the surface - was supposed to be part of "Life Lessons". However, that sequence was cut because the episode was too long. So, the additional plot of Bess trading with the Grendler was added. Technically, NBG should fall between "Life Lessons" and "Promises, Promises". There are some clues about this placement. Namely, Alonzo has a cut on his forehead in "Promises" which he got in NBG, and the infamous "horse in a can" can be glimpsed in a distance shot of the camp in NBG. The horse was featured in "Life Lessons". However, most people place it after "Promises, Promises" because the three Gaal episodes were shown as a group.


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