001 Truth Be Told
002 So It Begins
003 Parity
004 A Broken Heart
005 Doppleganger
006 Reckoning
007 Color Blind
008 Time Will Tell
009 Mea Culpa
010 Spirit
011 The Confession
012 The Box, Part I
013 The Box, Conclusion
014 The Coup
015 Page 47
016 The Prophecy
017 Q & A
018 Masquerade
019 Snowman
020 The Solution
021 Rendezvous
022 Almost Thirty Years (Season Finale)

1.01 "Truth Be Told (a.k.a Pilot)"
Short summary
The life of Sydney Bristow, under cover agent for SD-6's, is turned upside down when she learns about SD-6's involvement in the Alliance Of Twelve and their role in the murder of her fiance, Daniel Hetch.
Detailed summary
[flash forward #1] Somewhere in Taipei, a young woman is being interrogated by two soldiers. The whole conversation is in Cantonese. At first the two men hold the woman's fiery red head under water for a few second before letting her emerge choking. They then handcuff her to a chair.
Sydney Bristow is a bright young woman and a graduate student still attending university. Today could have been a day like any other, but on this day things were about to take a turn for the worse. To kick start everything, Sydney has been struggling on one of her exams, she knows she hasn't prepared and expects to get a D. Her boyfriend Danny (Daniel Hecht) by her side, they're both walking across campus, as Sydney explains that she hasn't had enough time to get ready for the test because of her job at the bank. Danny argues that she should quit if things aren't working. There is a brief pause and then Danny asks his beloved girlfriend if she remembers their first date, in the bowling alley two years ago -- and most importantly the loud guy. "Oh God!" exclaims Sydney when she realizes that Danny is about to propose to her in the most embarrassing way possible. Time seems to stop, every pair of eyes within sight riveted on them. Without hesitation the college student exclaims with happiness and uncontrollable joy : yes.
Back at her apartment, Sydney is with her best friend Francie. She is so excited for Sydney that she's even shedding a tear. "Honey it's beautiful", she exclaims as she looks at Sydney's engagement ring. Francie innocently asks if Sydney has told Will (William Tippin) about it. Sydney hasn't and nor has she told her austere father Jack. This is isn't a problem anyway, rectifies Sydney, as Danny has already called her father to ask permission.
Beneath the sunny clear sky above her, Sydney walks tall and proud toward the Credit Dauphine building. This is where she works. Everyday she goes down the executive elevator to sub-level six and enters into a world few could even imagine. This is Sydney's secret. Unbeknownst to her friends she's not a banker and Credit Dauphine is not a bank. Sydney is a spy for a covert branch of the CIA called SD-6.
On her way to the briefing room, Sydney stops by to talk to her SD-6 partner Marcus Dixon. He notices that unusual glow on the young woman's face and teases her about it. There is a great sense of camaraderie between the two. Sydney, clearly embarrassed, reminds Dixon that Arvin Sloane, the division director, is waiting.
Today's mission is presented like any other. Arvin Sloane reviews the background information before presenting the actual objectives. In this case, it's the inventions of man of great intellect called Oskar Mueller. Apparently Mueller got hit by an ambulance while riding a moped last month. Since then there has been a sense of urgency to recover his notebooks and experiments. Sloane claims that none were recovered by the west.
Sloane mentions a building in Taipei. It's an FTL cover station and the word is that one of Mueller's plans resurfaced there. Unfortunately Sloane is concerned because their mole failed to perform his scheduled dead drop and SD-6 suspects that he might have been killed. The last communique they received makes references to a sketch of a device Mueller was working on, which Sloane shows to the team. After Sloane is done, Marshall finally gets a chance to review the tech gadgets that will be employed to perpetrate the mission. First, there is an EMF scrambler that can disrupt video for a 400-yard radius and then a lipstick with a built-in camera, pulse laser and grid analyzer.
The objective is to pierce the building's east wing and locate the lab where the plans are being held. Sydney and Dixon will attend the reception and pose as employees of a company which is looking for a new manufacturing plant. At first glance, they are going on what appears to be a standard reconnaissance operation. Unfortunately, as Sloane points out, this mission might not be exactly routine, SD-6 suspects the enemy might be waiting.
Sydney is jogging down the track with her old friend Will (William) Tippin. Two have finished a round down the tracks and look exhausted. This is when Tippin asks if she wants to go to movies with him. Generally this wouldn't have been a problem, but Sydney's already planning to surprise Danny with dinner. The woman yanks out that she's getting married. Apparently trying to save face, Will congratulates her before giving in to frustration. He heads about to do a couple more laps, leaving Sydney alone to ponder.
Back at their place, Sydney and her fiance Danny are exchanging a fresh tender moment when Danny begins to talk about the future and his desire to have a baby. This is when Sydney realizes the seriousness of her relationship and how uncomfortable she feels about going into a life long commitment based on lies. So she drags him into the shower, lets the water run for a minute before revealing the daunting truth: she works for the CIA. Danny is amused at first but when he realizes that Sydney isn't kidding his expression changes swiftly.
[flash forward #2] As the cell door opens, the young woman with red hair is still bound to the chair. An FTL operative wearing a suit and tie comes in carrying a large needle filled with some kind of drug. He and the soldiers then maneuver to further restrain the woman as he injects her with the substance. Within seconds she stops reacting.
At an isolated location, Sydney continues explaining to Danny how she was recruited while she was still a freshman at college and that she's not exactly working for the CIA. She works for a covert branch, which she didn't name. Sydney mentions her training, her job and talks about it as if it was an exciting experience for her. Ever since her mother died, adds Sydney, she always wished she'd find someone to give her life meaning, she knows that person is him Danny. She just met the agency first and she can't quit. Danny doesn't exactly see things that way. He is put off by the danger involved in living the kind of life that Sydney lives and feels that he needs some time by himself to digest all of this. He proposes to call her tonight. This is when the young woman reminds him that she has another trip. This one is bound to San Diego.
Sydney and Dixon are on plane heading toward Taipei. She innocently asks him about his wife Diane and how long two have been married. Dixon explains that it's been twelve years and that he loves her. Candid Sydney inquires about whether or nor Dixon has ever told his wife the truth about his job. That's when Dixon's tone becomes darker. He carefully reminds Sydney of the most important rule of all -- never tell anyone about what you do.
In Taipei, Sydney and Dixon mix with the other guests in the main reception hall. After a while, she exits the room passing by a man in a suit and tie that the viewers should obviously remember. He's the FTL interrogator seen in the second foreshadowed scene. While Sydney is about to begin her mission in Taipei, Danny is calling Sydney and leaving a message on her answering machine back in Los Angeles. As planned, Dixon fakes a heart attack and activates the EMF scrambler. Meanwhile Sydney rushes toward the soldier blocking the access to the restricted area and explains to him that someone needs help. He quickly obliges and runs to the reception hall, leaving Sydney free to get in while the security monitors are out. She activates the chronometer on her watch, giving her four minutes.
As the young woman scrambles in every direction taking 3D pictures of the underground facility, Danny continues to unravel. Her fiance explains, while talking to the answering machine, that he loves her and that he can't imagine saying goodbye to her because of the risks. The monologue could have been very much mundane if it weren't for a few unfortunate words: "...people aren't spies forever and sometimes people to have to be able to say they used to be spies...". Within seconds, the message is intercepted and Security Section runs a back trace on its origin.

In a lone office inside the Credit Dauphine building, Arvin Sloane receives a phone call that seems to pretty much upset him. He asks to know who it's about and to get the full audio. Sloane then lies back on his chair and seems to wonder aimlessly as the camera pans away. Meanwhile, Sydney is still hot at forcing open the lock on one of the doors. Once done she rushes down the corridor to a large storage room containing shipping crates. Sydney quickly takes one shot of the location and is to about to leave when she notices on one of the boxes a mention that it comes from Germany.

Remembering Sloane's comments during the briefing about Mueller being German, Sydney decides to investigate the room more thoroughly. She finds on a table a device in an early stage of development matching the sketch Sloane showed them. Sydney takes a picture of it and heads out toward the exit. However her four minutes is up and the battery inside the EMF scrambler runs out. Shortly after, the security cameras pop back online and Sydney finds herself exposed.

The suit and tie in the reception hall is notified by security of the breech and heads out to capture Sydney. The young woman rushes up the stairs only to find herself stuck with some tough explaining to do. She swiftly makes up something about being looking for the bathroom but this isn't going to cut it considering she was just caught leaving a restricted area. Sydney then throws in some crap about being drunk and not wanting her boss to know about it. She gives the FTL agent the puppy eyes hoping to tap on his emotions. Which apparently worked, since he finally decides to let Sydney go.

Sloane is sitting in his office with Jack Bristow in front of him. Sloane informs Jack that apparently, Danny has become aware of Sydney's affiliation with the agency and that the matter must be taken of. Jack says that he understands, and flips that Sloane need not be sorry about this since he should know him well enough and where his loyalty lies.

Barely back home at LAX airport, Dixon is intercepted by three SD-6 operatives who are there to apprehend Sydney. They're surprised that Sydney isn't with Dixon. Dixon explains that she left him at the gate and said she was grabbing a taxi. Shortly thereafter, Sydney arrives at Danny's. She's appalled to find the placed ransacked but even more shocked to find the corpse of her beloved fiance bloodied and laying inert in the bathtub.

Moments later, Sydney drives her vehicle back to Credit Dauphine and walks straight into the director's office. Noticing that the young woman was obviously still in distress, Sloane closes the door and tries to reason with her. He is being purposely distant from the issue, as he recites one of SD-6's most important rules: "Information about this agency must be treated like a virus, there is only one response to a virus and that response is containment."

Sloane continues: "You put us in a compromised situation and even though I despise the countermeasure, we..." Sydney who had been until now mostly shaky and unfocused, suddenly snaps and violently pushed Sloane against his own desk. "Stop saying we... stop talking about the agency... you killed the man I love." retorts the undaunted woman in a most menacing voice. "No Agent Bristow, you did," replies Sloane. Clearly irritated, Sydney heads for the door only find herself compelled into more frustrations as she realizes that she's locked in. Sloane implies that Sydney is now a risk to the agency and that she won't be allowed out until after she's met with Agent McCullough.

Sydney is sitting in a dark room, hooked to a lie detector test. She's now being served to a detailed interrogation by McCullough. After the old but nonetheless intimidating man exits the room, Sydney is left there to ponder her fate. She glares from the slightly opened door at the adjacent room. Sydney notices Arvin Sloane talking to another officer, and she tries to make out what he is saying. All of a sudden, her boss turns his head around and looks directly at her. Much later, after the night has cleared up and the following morning lights the way, Sydney is walking out of the Credit Dauphine building just in time to see her SUV being towed away.
[flash forward #3] The woman with the red hair is still recovering from the drug she had been administered. The suit and tie FTL agent wants to know who she is working for. At first the woman doesn't react. After he threatens her, she suddenly asks him to get a pen and to write a series of letters "E M E T I B". The woman then instructs him to reverse the sequence. The result is: "BITE ME". The interrogator is not amused. Speaking with her darkest voice yet she mumbles a threat of her own: "I've got some bad news for you man, I'm your worst enemy. I've got nothing to lose." The man is quick to remind her that this is not exactly true, she still has teeth.
Sydney is at the cemetery with friends and family, mourning the death of Danny. The camera pans out to reveal her austere father, Jack, in his car watching the scene from a distance. At the sober reception that follows, many people come to give their condolences to Sydney, including Francie, Will and Will's sister Amy.

Three months later. Sydney is sitting in class and listening to a boring literature lecture when her beeper goes off and the message "Sloane 911" appears. Later that day, Dixon hooks up with her as she's on her way to the library. Apparently he's there to remind Sydney that she has been inactive for a very long time and SD-6 is beginning to question her loyalty. Sydney ignores his concerns and decides to simply walk away.

The following evening, Sydney is eating all by herself in a restaurant. Observing a young couple nearby she's left to ponder what things might have been if Danny was still here. Sydney then heads out for the underground parking lot, unlocks the door to her truck and is about to buckle up her seat belt when she notices a small red light in motion. It's the laser sight from an automatic machine gun that is pointed directly at her. Sydney barely has enough time to duck before the man opens fire. The young woman then tries to maneuver the vehicle in reverse, only to find that her assailants are using their own car to block her escape. While Sydney crawls out of her truck, the man holding the machine gun drills her vehicle from one end to the other. Sydney runs away scared, and the man pursues her on foot while his partner takes the car in the other direction.
Sydney hides herself behind one of the parked vehicles and uses the opportunity to call Francie using her cell phone to ask her to call her back. Moments later, her abandoned phone begins to ring attracting the hostile man's attention. Sydney seizes the opportunity to swoop in on him from behind. After a short fight, the young woman finally knocks him out. The noise of fast approaching car rises Sydney's adrenaline to new heights and instinctively she reaches out for the gun and points it at the driver of the vehicle as it immobilizes next to her. This man is none other than Jack Bristow, her father. Jack instructs Sydney to get in.

Jack then drives the car forward, question after question unravels in Sydney's head as her father pulls out a gun and aims it at the other car pursuing Sydney. Jack shoots the other agent three times, the man is dead. He then leaves the parking area before making some important revelations. Jack warns Sydney that the agency doesn't trust her anymore and they'll kill unless she does exactly as he instructs. As it turns out, Sydney's father also works for SD-6 and his job at Jennings Aerospace is just a cover.

Jack speculates that Sydney will be red flagged at Customs and so he's offering her new papers. In an effort to scare Sydney into leaving the agency, Jack reveals to her that SD-6 is not a black ops division of the CIA, SD-6 is a branch of The Alliance of Twelve -- a renegade group comprised of former intelligence officers. Instead of accepting Jack's offer of going to Switzerland Sydney decides to run away instead.
[flash forward #4] As the young woman with red hair is being prepped for tooth extraction, the FTL agent asks her one more time to give the name of the people she works for. She mumbles something. So the man instructs the guard to free her mouth for a second. The woman then yanks out with defiance: "Can you start with the teeth in the back, if you don't mind?" The agent proceeds to the extraction as she desperately yells: "No... No... Noooooooo!"
Will Tippin is at the newspaper office where he works when he receives a message from Sydney instructing him to meet her on the roof. He obliges, happy to be spending his lunch break with her. Will notices a bruise on Sydney's face. The young woman needs his help but she also refuses to explain what happened to her. Playing on the affection that Tippin has for her, Sydney subdues him into giving her Amy's passport and one of her credit cards.

Sydney dyes her hair red and embarks on a plane bound for Taipei masquerading under the alias of Amy Tippin. She steals a car and heads for the FTL building where her last mission took place. The young woman scales the other wall and makes her way inside through the ventilation shaft. She arrives at the locked door she cracked the last time. As Sydney endeavors to repeats the exploits she's attacked from behind by a soldier and knocked unconscious.

[continuation of flash forward #4] This is how Sydney Bristow got locked up in Taipei and handcuffed to the chair. The FTL agent returns to the interrogation room after leaving her to ponder her fate for a few hours.

FTL agent: The pill I gave you helps the pain, I could tell because you stopped screaming so loudly. That medication, however, only lasts for two hours and it's been two hours almost... So, you have a choice. Which way do we go next?

The man shows Sydney both the dental pliers and the bottle of analgesics.

FTL agent: Tell me and you get one more.

Sydney: The agency.... [whisper]

FTL agent: Louder.

Sydney: I can't.

FTL agent: Who do you work for... you pretty little girl?

The man who is now sitting next to Sydney is all alone with her this time. As says these final words, Sydney's little puppy eyes light up and she "headbutts" him really hard. As the FTL agent is knocked to the floor, Sydney does a double back flip bringing herself and the chair on top of him. She hits him unconscious, grabs the keys from his pocket and frees herself. Sydney then reverses the roles. Her opponent is now the one begging for mercy.

Sydney moves the pliers near his face, you can see the fear in her opponent as he begins to beg for mercy. Swiftly she maneuvers the contraption near the lower region and hits him in a particularly sensitive region. The enemy agent screams really loudly, alerting two guards who come to his rescue. The young woman beats the crap out of them before heading out with both of their hand guns.

A security officer is screaming in Chinese while Sydney is running down the corridor toward the secret lab. She blows the door open with gun fire and walks right inside. She then proceeds toward the device, which is encapsulated in an isolation unit. Using the liquefied CO2 from a fire extinguisher Sydney breaks the container open before carefully extracting the component and placing it inside a rag she found nearby.

Two guards show up from behind her, shouting something in Chinese. Sydney quickly swoops around and fires several bullets. She swiftly ducks as the guards return fire. Sydney fires again but is somewhat panicked when she runs out of bullets. As everything starts to seem completely hopeless, that's when she notices a screwdriver and a gas pipe. Sydney snatches the screwdriver and uses it to create a leak in the pipe.

The young woman then lays low and waits for her enemies to fetch her. She then doubles back toward the exit. Once Sydney is at the edge of the corridor she yells to the two guards to get their attention. One of them, without thinking, opens fire causing an explosion that blows up the lab. Sydney runs as far as she can toward the exit and manages to make her way out.

The next day, Sydney heads back to the Credit Dauphine building. When Sloane learns of her return he orders security to let her in. Everybody is surprised to see redheaded Sydney back in the agency. Sydney goes to Sloane and tells him that she's back and asks for a week off. Sloane agrees.

Sydney then goes to the CIA building and asks to speak to the director, Mr. Devlin. The receptionist informs her that Mr. Devlin is not available and inquires if she can take a message for him. "Tell him he has a walk-in." replies Sydney. The CIA receptionist then relays the information and asks Sydney to come with her.

Instead of being taken to see Devlin, Sydney ends up writing her statement before a junior officer named Michael Vaughn. Once done, she's invited into his office. While Sydney waits, she notices a photo of Vaughn and blond woman. Vaughn comes into the room and hides it.

Vaughn: This might be interesting.

Sydney: Does that mean I'm in?

Vaughn: Not yet. They're still reviewing your statement, you wrote a lot.

Sydney: I know.

Vaughn: It's like Tolstoy long. I know we could use another double agent inside SD-6. We are going to give you a ride out of here. Keep you concealed. Why are you shaking your head?

Sydney: ... because you said another.

Vaughn: So?

Sydney: If you had one already you most likely wouldn't tell me until I was authenticated.

Vaughn: Unless I had an instinct about you.

Sydney: My bet is that you don't... have another double...

Vaughn: We might.

Sydney: ... but you want to me to believe that you do, on the off chance that I'm actually looking to be a triple agent I'll report back that there is an existing mole to offset the balance of my agency.

Vaughn: I'm not trying to play you.

Sydney: We'll see.

Sydney is before Danny's grave, hair back to dark brown she contemplates the silence of the surrounding cemetery. Jack stops by to say that he was sorry for what happened to Danny. Sydney, who is still skeptical about his motives, reminds him that telling her the truth hasn't changed a thing between them. Jack informs his daughter that the CIA has finished reviewing her statement and that she's in. He appreciated that she didn't name him in the report, he thought that was kind. This is when Sydney realized that Jack was the other double agent working for the CIA, the one Vaughn had been referring to. Sydney doesn't trust him still. Jack says that they will have to learn to trust each other and hands her a new cell phone before leaving. The phone rings and Sydney answers: "hello".
To be continued...
The one-hour (66 minutes) pilot was aired without interruption on ABC.

1.02 "So It Begins"
Short summary
As Sydney is moving to a new apartment, her friend Will begins to question the strange circumstances surrounding Danny's death. When she gives SD-6 access to a nuclear weapon, Sidney must fly to Cairo to deactivate it.
Detailed summary

The episode opens to flashbacks of Sydney Bristow, as she recalls for Vaughn's benefit, a mission she undertook for SD-6 three years ago. That's when she met Leonard Dreyfus for the first time, he helps bankroll SD-6's operations, she explains. To bring down SD-6, the CIA must also eliminate their source of arms: a from Memphis Egypt called Ineni Hassan. Sydney recalls Hassan's ruthlessness as depicted by the way he executed in cold blood a man right in front of her, perhaps why she doesn't consider him to be a friend. Sydney would have continued further but Vaughn stops her right there because, as he explains, it's not her job to give him the plan, he's the one telling her what to do. Tomorrow is her first day back at SD-6, Vaughn notes as he reminds Sydney that nothing should change.

When Sydney gets her next assignment she is to detail it on a paper bag, dead drop in one of six predetermined trashcans. The CIA will then review the information, create a counter mission and then contact her again posing as a wrong number: Joey's Pizza. "Can you show me what a bag looks like again?", sarcastically expresses Miss Bristow as she impolitely interrupts him. Sydney says that she can appreciate what his job is but complains that Vaughn seems a little young to be doing it. With daring youth she claims that she can help destroy SD-6 in less than three months, Vaughn looks at her skeptically and asks that she draw a map of SD-6 for him. His female colleague argues at first but then complies.

Proud of her drawing Sydney aggressively pushes that there is only one way to immobilize SD-6 and that's her way. Vaughn doesn't say anything and simply reaches out for a large paper roll and unwraps it on the table. It's a map of SD-6 the CIA has been compiling for years, it looks significantly more complex than Sydney's little drawing. The young woman realizes that she is in the middle of something huge, that the work she's been doing, that her father has been doing, is long term. "I guess we'll wait to hear from you" Vaughn concludes.


Sydney is moving into a new apartment. Her friends Will and Francie, along with Francie's boyfriend Charlie are there to help and also to possibly celebrate the occasion. Charlie has just gotten an offer from a prestigious law firm and Francie wants to make sure Will is going to attend the "dinner thing" on Thursday night. Taking advantage of a moment when Sydney is alone, Will tackles the task of addressing some of the questions surrounding the strange behaviors she's exhibited lately. He accuses of her disappearing, using Amy's (Will's sister) passport and credit card after he obtained them for her, but never offering any explanation. "What happened with Danny... because he must have been in some kind of trouble." This is what Will does, he digs up stuff, he wants to look into Danny's death hopeful that he can find something the police overlooked. Sydney plays the emotion card, claiming that she wants to bury the event and has no interest in pursuing the matter any further. Will promises to let this go... at least for now....

Back at SD-6, Sydney feels estranged by the surroundings. Her expression when she exits the elevator as she starts walking through the secret passage depicts unhappiness, something that most definitively contrasts with the positive sentiments of joy and pride that this place once inspired in her soul. On her way to the briefing room, Sydney comes across Marshall who hooks up with her for a moment to express his condolences for the death of her fiance, Danny.

Finally, Sloane explains that Sydney's latest mission with Dixon will involve recovering documents, which according to him were stolen from the Soviet Government by the local Mafia. Those files pertain to the US/Soviet nuclear arsenal from the days of the cold war, he explains, and the man interested in acquiring them is Navour, who Sydney and Dixon had an unpleasant brush with in the past. At which time, Marshall presents them with the latest invention he conceived specifically for the mission, it's a drug that takes effect when it adheres with the skin. The substance can be made into a cufflink or even a ring for convenience. One touch will knock out someone cold for twenty minutes Marshall anecdotally illustrates by recalling that he himself fell unconscious after accidentally coming into contact with it. He also strongly cautions that it can only be used twice.

After the meeting while Sydney is on her way out, Dixon complains that the bad guys keep coming back in spite of their best efforts. She is then intercepted by Sloane who has something important to tell her. He leads her to an office where she meets her father, Jack. Sloane then leaves, allowing Jack to explain to Sydney that he's here to tell her what she already knows, that he works for SD-6, which will facilitate what they are doing since SD-6 now knows that they know. Jack reassures Sydney that the room is clean, so she takes the opportunity to ask about the execution of her fiance, Daniel Hecht. Jack promptly replies yes to the question: "Did you know what they were going to do?" and Sydney slaps him in the face before leaving, threatening him to never speak to her ever again.

Next we find Sydney following the instructions previously given to her by the CIA, detailing the mission on a paper bag and then promptly dropping it in the designated trash can. The young woman then returns home, looks at a photo of her beloved Danny and waits lost in the moment. The phone rings, "Joey's Pizza". Sydney replies that this is a wrong number but she understands that it's time to meet up with Vaughn again to get her new orders.

During her new meeting with Vaughn, Sydney depicts in disgust that things could be better and how she hates the thought of working with friends (c.f. Dixon) who have absolutely no idea who they are working for. Vaughn affirms the CIA's interest in Navour while he gives Sydney her instructions. She is to undertake the mission as planned but then execute a double brush pass at the airport terminal, where the CIA will intercept the material, make duplicate copies and return it to her before SD-6 notices.
At the local newspaper office where Will works, his assistant Jenny is openly flirting with him but he's not responding. Jenny complains that he's not taking her seriously. Will asks her to come closer and to look at his eyes: "I'm ancient compared to you" -- "You don't look too bad" Jenny replie. Will then cleverly maneuvers Jenny into helping him with his research by pulling the file on Daniel Hecht (Danny) for him. Jenny agrees.
MOSCOW. Sydney is outfitted as a blond Russian maid, Dixon has that odd looking long Arabic tunic. Both are keeping in touch through communication gear. The plan consists of two phases. First, Sydney must break into Navour's hotel room and take the money for the buy, next Dixon is to complete the transaction masquerading as Navour. The intrepid young woman rushes up the elevator right up to Navour's room carrying clean towels, she knocks on the door, talks with Navour's bodyguard and then pretendsd to attend to the usual chores for a moment. She the removes the cover on the ring revealing the smooth surface harboring the drug. The ring now turned to face up side- down, she invites the bodyguard to shake her hand, thus drugging him in the process.
With Navour in the shower and the bodyguard knocked out, Sydney proceeds to get the money. Problem arises when another one of Navour's men arrives on scene only to discover Sydney unlocking a suitcase. A fight ensues, Sydney wins but the noises have attracted Navour. The tall athletic guy comes out of the shower and promptly notices his man down on the floor. Playing on her persona, Sydney fakes distress and manages to get the ring in contact with Navour. The tall man drops like a Goliath and our heroine examines the money that was spread all over the floor during the fight. "This was a holdup, there is no money here", she exclaims to a worried Dixon who had already begun getting acquainted with the two Russian Mafioso downstairs. He knows he can't delay the negotiations any longer. Sydney sneaks out of her maid uniform to reveal a more sexy dress, puts on some lipstick and advises Dixon not to panic as she's going to see him in two minutes.

The gangsters show Dixon the two floppies, and proceeds with the exchange as planned, Sydney approaches smoothly with coasters from the bar, creating a diversion spilling some of her drink on one of the two criminals. Things get jumpy as she presents her excuses while discretely swapping the disks with the coasters. Dixon wants to leave to get the money but the two men smell a rat. Sydney takes out the little guy, while Dixon beats the crap out of the other one.

LOS ANGELES. Sydney is going through the terminal as she sweeps past Vaughn disguised as a janitor from airport maintenance. She executes the first pass, providing Vaughn with the two floppies she brought back with her from Moscow. Vaughn then heads for a small room where the CIA team is waiting to create duplicate copies. Time is pressing, Dixon is already off-loading his luggage in the trunk of a taxi. The disks are very old explains one officer, Vaughn becomes jumpy he knows they don't have minutes. The copies are completed, Vaughn heads back out again, in his everyday suit, to a worried Sydney still waiting. She pours her bag wide-open, Vaughn drops in the original completing the second pass.

Musical interlude. The latest mission has apparently affected Sydney, she arrives home puts on her rings pours a hot bath wondering aimlessly at things that never will be. This is now Thursday night. The gang's convened meeting in honor of Charlie's new job. Sydney arrives last, bringing a bottle of wine for Charlie. Will asks to talk to her alone. Apparently Will had been snooping -- "Oh my god Will, what did you do?" asks Sydney with aggravated stupor. "On the night that Danny was killed... did you know that he was booked on a flight from LAX to Singapore." Sydney makes do, as if she knew, claiming the two of them were to spend a week in Bali, also acknowledging that she understands that Will means well but she wants him to let this go because she needs to move on. Her teary eyes have an effect on Will, who promises not to bring it up again.
At SD-6, Sloane informs Sydney that the information contained on the disks detailed the location of six nuclear warheads buried in the United States. The interesting part is that it revealed the existence of a seventh nuke. Sloane sends Sydney on mission with a name and an address to do some reconnaissance. On a whim, while leaving in a hurry Sydney passes the intel over to Vaughn. "I'm going to see Ivanov".

Vaughn's superior wants to act. "We have a name and an address we are not going to sit on our hands here." Give her five hours, Vaughn partially pleads with conviction mentioning not only the risk of exposing a double agent but also underlining her importance to the CIA. His boss finally agreeing, Weiss declares that Vaughn is going to be balls of steel from now on a dedication to him winning the argument.

VIRGINIA. Sydney goes to the address detailed on the slip of paper. Cemetery. Digs up the tomb and opens the casket only to discover a live nuclear weapon that readily activates itself when she exposes it. If Sydney doesn't do something fast, she is just seconds away from being vaporized.


In a moment of panic, she calls Marshall and the two work out what wire needs cutting. Vaughn is pretty much infuriated that Sydney called SD-6 instead of the CIA, SD-6 picked up the nuke and sold it to Ineni Hassan an incident that will reflect on both their records.

Vaughn tries to explain to his superior about the mishap, that Sydney would look into it and everything would be fine. There are no hard feelings says the other guy, as he informs Vaughn that he's been pulled off the Bristow case, Devlin decided the CIA needed a more senior officer to handle the file.

After meeting with her father, she discusses her plan and what role he has to play in covering up her tracks. Sydney then travels to Cairo to recover the nuclear core SD-6 sold to Ineni Hassan and return it to the CIA. Sloane is suspicious about Sydney's whereabouts and asks Jack where his daughter has gone to. Jack tells him that Sydney needed to take some time off to head North, that apparently she had a hard time after learning what he did.

CAIRO. Sydney infiltrates Hassan's base, knocks out a guard or two. She finds the weapons quickly and is about to return with the core, when someone pulls up a gun to her head. It's Ineni Hassan.
To be continued...
Greg Grunberg has an uncredited role as CIA officer Weiss.

1.03 "Parity"
Short summary
A search for the second piece of an ancient code, leads Sydney face to face with an ancient nemesis.
Detailed summary


Episode three is the direct continuation of episode two. Last week, Sydney was in Memphis, Egypt retrieving the core from a nuclear device when Ineni Hassan surprised her from behind and pointed a gun at her head. Hassan wanted her to hand the device over to him and threatened to kill her if she didn't comply. Sydney isn't stupid; she knows the core is her only bargaining chip and without it she's dead meat. "I'm holding enough plutonium to liquefy your insides in five minutes." So as to create confusion, Sydney throws the object in the air, swings around a 180, kicks Hassan out of the way, and still manages to catch the core before it has time to hit the floor.
Sydney then calls for extraction as the bad guys begin whirling machine guns all around. The CIA says they'll be there in two minutes. Sydney indicates that she may not have two minutes. Cut to flashback of a teacher complaining that Sydney handed her paper in late and that she is about to drop the ball. [INSIDE JOKE: Sydney dropping the plutonium core, reaching out to grab it before it rolls down the stairs]. Sydney makes some silly excuses that her plane was delayed and that there was a black out where she was staying. The professor looks at her strange. Sydney promises to hand it over to him by Thursday just as her beeper rings again with the text: "Sloane 911." "Are you sure about that?" the professor asks in a particularly skeptical tone. Sydney nodded "How's Friday?"


Sydney Bristow and Francie are talking; at first it's only about Charlie (Francie's boyfriend, c.f. 1.02 "So It Begins") and his new job at a prestigious law firm. Francie finds it odd that he doesn't want to talk about it; that he doesn't brag. Sydney tries to reassure Francie that it's probably nothing; that she and Charlie come from totally different backgrounds and that his being the first generation in his family to go to college could be affecting him somehow. It's at that time that Francie mentions that her dad told her that Charlie is one of the good ones. Sydney declares emphatically, "Your dad is right."
Francie seems to want to complain about having a dad who is always right. Of course, she realizes it's not the worse thing when the conversation diverts onto the topic of Sydney's father Jack. Francie's wisdom is that if Sydney can find it in her heart to forgive her father for being the kind of man he's been all his life, she should call him. Sydney protests; she knows she won't reconnect with her father over the phone. So she decides to do the next best thing: meet him at his workplace. So the young woman, approaches her father as he's just getting out his car, badgering him with a thousand questions ranging from her recruitment by SD-6 to the death of her mother. Instead of answering any of them, Jack coldly reminds of where she is, that she is exposed, and warns her to never come there again ever.
At the SD-6 meeting, Sloane explains to Dixon, Marshall and Sydney that the device she brought back from Taipei (1.01 Pilot) is still being analyzed and that they don't know exactly what it does or how it does it. Apparently, it was designed by a 15th century inventor named Milo Rimbaldi.
"Ridiculous right?" injects Sloane to clear out thick atmosphere of incredulity his briefing had been induced so far. "I don't believe in the power of the pyramid. I'm not a big granola fan. This sort of thing makes me typically roll my eyes... but then my eyes came across this. Written in 1489." [...]
On the projector screen, Sloane shows the team a sheet with zeros and ones that Rimbaldi had drafted five hundred years ago. "Rimbaldi wrote machine?" asks Dixon. "Have you tried running the sequence?" added Sydney. "It's incomplete", answers Mr. Sloane. This is apparently only the first piece; the other is written on the back of a sketch in the possession of a man called Edwardo Benegas. He keeps it in his private collection. SD-6 was in negotiation with Benegas to acquire the second piece, when he suddenly withdrew the offer. They believe someone tipped him off as to its real value and evidently suspect K-Directorate. [...]
The piece is locked in a box and Benegas keeps the key on his person at all times. The real question is "How did K-Directorate get the key?" poses Sloane. "It was Anna, wasn't it?" interjects Miss Bristow suddenly.
Sydney is at the park, reviewing the mission and detailing it on a paper bag for the CIA's benefit and proceeds to do a dead drop in the designated trash can (see previous episodes). In her drop, she explains, for the benefit of her handler Michael Vaughn, that Sloane is sending Dixon and Sydney to Madrid to recover the second piece before K-Directorate gets it first.
Apartment. Will is helping Sydney a bit, but he spends more time complaining about having to write another article than anything else. While Sydney is busy answering a call from Danny's landlord on her cell phone, the apartment phone rings. Will picks it up and tells the caller that they've reached a wrong number. Sydney tells Will that the call she just got is about getting the rest of Danny's things out of the place; she explains that she's rather busy right now with her job at the bank and Will offers to go pick those up for her.
Sydney asks Will what the wrong number was, he says they were looking for a pizza place. She tells him that she needs to take a quick run before her cab comes. At the meeting with in the park, they talk about Rimbaldi and Sydney's nemesis, Anna Espinosa. Sydney details an old mission in Yugoslavia where she was meeting with an informant, some low-level guy in need of money. As she was shaking the man's hand to leave, Anna ruthlessly shot him with in the back of his skull with rifle after recording the conversation with a parabolic microphone. That was Anna's way of telling that her that she was out of her league, recalls Bristow. Vaughn explains that he has been replaced, and the CIA suddenly considers her important and that his lack of experience disqualifies him to be her handler from now on.
At the CIA building, Vaughn complains to Agent Weiss about his replacement, Agent Lambert. "You are obviously attached to this woman," observes Agent Weiss, commenting on Vaughn's recent irrational behaviors. Vaughn says it's not all about jealousy; he's genuinely worried about Sydney and that he feels that Anna is a dangerous person to reckon with. "You don't even know if this K-Directorate agent will be in Madrid, so why worry?" Next scene is Anna at the airport in Madrid carrying a suitcase.


Vaughn passes the Bristow file over to his replacement, Lambert, who seems to have a non-professional interest in the young double agent that irks him. Old-fashioned, macho-looking Lambert; some of the things he says makes him look like one of those sexist pigs, in his own words: "I wouldn't kick that out of bed."
Marshall reviews the gadgets. One is a necklace that acts as a microphone. The fiberglass composite of the pearl enhances the reception, he explains. The other two are a sonic wave emitter shaped as peso and the pen to activate it. The guerrillas have been a bit jumpy lately, so dropping the peso near a window could provide the perfect diversion.
MADRID. Sydney is attending the reception at the car museum while Dixon is standing guard in the SD-6 van parked outside. Without waiting time, following Marshall's instructions she drops the coin, and just as she's about to proceed with the rest of the mission, she sees Anna dressed as a waiter. Sydney notifies Dixon before activating the coin. The window blows apart, creating the perfection diversion, while Sydney rushes to the basement.
As Sydney makes her way to the fuse box and opens it, she notices that Anna has already installed a remote modem of her own. Dixon cautions her not to try removing it and that they can piggyback their remote modem off K-Directorate's. At that exact moment, Sydney hears noises in the air circulation system and realizes Anna is already on her way to the vault. Dixon starts looping the feeds and Sydney heads for the elevator, unseen by security.
Once Sydney reaches the vault door, she uses a de-scrambler to bypass the electronic lock. Anna makes her way inside, drilling a hole through the floor. Suddenly, Sydney's de-scrambler stops functioning. It's K-Directorate; they're jamming the frequency. "I'm going to try to find them," exclaims Dixon, who begins to circle the van around the building.
Anna picks up the box and gives instruction to her support team outside before sending Sydney one of those goodbye kisses. The alarm sounds off. Sydney, trapped, watches helplessly as Anna swoops out through the hole. "Hold on Sydney, I found them," hails Dixon as he rams K-Directorate's van with his own.
The de-scrambler is functioning again and, as soon as the counter reaches one hundred percent, the door slides open. Sydney makes her way through Anna's hole as guards arrive on the elevators. Anna has already made her way back to the reception room. Intercepted by a guard, she fakes cooperation just long enough to have the opportunity to slit his throat. Anna runs off to the basement. [...]
Sydney finally catches up to her and a fight ensues. In the midst of it all, Anna pushes Sydney down a staircase before running off outside. Visibly hurt, Sydney contacts Dixon to tell him that Anna is heading out back. Sydney asks Dixon for his gun. He protests, but due to Sydney's insistence, he reluctantly agrees. Sydney shoots the straps holding the box around Anna's shoulder the box falls down to the ground.
Cut to Will at Danny's apartment. The landlord wants to know if the police arrested anyone for the brutal murder. Will says no -- not yet. As he looks outside, he notices the traffic light camera at the intersection and wonders how long it's been there.


Will talks to someone over the phone about the traffic light as his boss, June, walks in the room. "Fighting a traffic ticket?" she asks him sarcastically. Apparently, Will Tippin is late with writing his next piece for the paper. Before leaving she drops a warning for him to heed: "Don't make me regret hiring people in their twenties."
Will is then calling Sydney at Credit Dauphin, claiming that he wants to invest (joke). "You'll need some collateral, I don't think you got any," replies Sydney, playing the same game.
Will Tippin: "Have you seen my Honda blue chivvy with the Hula girl on the dash?"

Sydney: Sadly, we've seen that.

"Welcome home," continues Tippin as he invites her to have dinner tonight with the rest of the gang. Sydney accepts and eagerly comments how happy she is to be home.

Lambert's first meeting with Agent Bristow doesn't go too well, as he tries to impress her with empathy for her deceased fiance, whom he mistakenly called Kenny. "His name was Danny, says Sydney as she corrects him. "Yes of course, what happened to Danny was a tragedy..." continues Lambert. Still trying to make up for his misdeed, Lambert emphasizes that she can trust him and that he understands her. "Is there a reason I am here?" promptly interrupts Sydney Bristow, obviously growing impatient of all this chitchat.
Lambert: "I just wanted to have a little face time with my girl. To answer any queries you might have regarding..."
Sydney: "I've got a query. Are you insane? Call me in here for a social event. SD-6 has a division whose sole responsibility is to monitor their agents and report suspect activities. Your girl is risking her life and you yours... every time we lay eyes on each other. So do yourself a favor, don't be so friendly."

Lambert: "I just love your spirit"

Sydney: "That's heartening... Are we done here?"

Lambert: "Yeah, we're all done".

Sydney wastes no time to leave. Next is poker game night at her apartment with her friends Will, Francie, and Charlie. Will is lousy at poker apparently, explains Sydney, as she tells everyone how easy it is to see when he's bluffing. Tippin takes a phone call; it's about the traffic cameras. Apparently, all of them were out within a one-mile radius of Danny's apartment. "That's weird, isn't it?" questions Will. "What's weird?" pitched Sydney who just walked in the room. "Nothing," innocently replies Will.
After Francie and Charlie have left, Sydney and Will are alone preparing themselves some ice cream. Miss Bristow explains that after she drinks Tequila, ice cream becomes like oxygen: a requirement. She recalls this party she went to during freshman year, she got so wasted and had bought a whole lot of ice cream afterward. [...]
Sydney accidentally spills some ice cream all over Will's shirt and as she bends to clean it, the two lock lips. It was for a brief instant, after which both Sydney and Will feel bad about it... Will tells Sydney that he better bring Danny's stuff inside. Leaving a confused and slightly drunk Sydney to ponder by herself what has just happened.


Marshall couldn't open the box. Apparently it's equipped with a security system that will destroy the contents when someone tampers with it. Faced with an impasse, SD-6 has decided to bring in their best game theorist, Jack Bristow [Sydney's father].
The chosen scenario is that Sydney and Anna to meet in a neutral location and together open the box. It's a mutually reinforcing course of action that Jack feels is the right move. Before leaving, Sydney asks about her mother's death, Jack reaffirms with factual assurance that it was an accident.
In broad daylight, Sydney is meeting again with agent Lambert. "This is a two ways ear piece and a tracker. I want you to tag Anna," he coldly adds.

Sydney: Whose idea is this?

Lambert: This is my op agent's, Bristow.

Sydney: This only works if everyone is on their best behavior. I'm not going to be breaking the rules when there are going to be half a dozen snipers waiting for me to look the wrong way...

Lambert: I don't mean to pull rank but time is a factor here.

Sydney: Yes, time is a factor... do you know how much time? Seven years... that's how long I worked for SD-6 before I learned the truth about what they really are, and now that I know, my days of blindly following orders are over.

Lambert: Who the hell do you think you are talking to?

Sydney: I know quite well who I am talking to. Tell Devlin that if Agent Vaughn isn't on the other side of this earpiece when I turn it on, the CIA gets nothing.

Lambert: Vaughn is a junior officer.

Sydney: Then promote him.

At the paper, Will talks about his suspicions regarding Danny's murder to his boss, June. He explains that Danny was virtually in the middle of a one-mile blackout, and that unless it just happened to be coincidence, there is more to this than meets the eye. June reminds his that he's not working the crime desk and that he's already behind on his own duties. "Don't make me regret working for people in their fifties... forties?" replies Will Tippin. June looks at him severely and then agrees to give him one week to investigate this.
BERLIN. Sydney is in the SD-6 van preparing for the meeting with Anna, and she's talking with Francie over the phone at the same time. "Charlie is cheating on me, I have proof." explains Francie in an erratic voice, as she explains that she found a match box from an hotel room, in Charlie's possession that bears the name Rachel on it. Don't assume the worst yet, reassures Sydney, the truth is not always what it seems. Sydney yells something in German. "Syd -- where are you?" asks Francie, who overheard part of it. "I'm actually with a German client, I'll call you right back."
Show snipers taking position. Bristow enters the stadium. Sydney asks, Who am I talking to? Vaughn is looking at Sydney from a satellite relay station back in Los Angeles. "It's me. Your invisible friend." he exclaims.

Sydney: My guardian angel!

Vaughn: I could say the same thing about you... Thanks for the promotion.

Sydney: You're welcome.

Anna has just arrived. The two stare at each other for a moment. Anna nags Sydney with questions regarding how her Russian is doing these days; Sydney replies something in Russian. Sydney's nemesis then rambles on with something about the death of Sydney's fiance, and expresses curiosity as to why she would still be working for the very people who killed her true love. Sydney is obviously hit by the statement, but leads into official business.

Sydney: I take it you brought the key?

Anna: I take it you brought the box?

Sydney: Once we see what's inside we go our separate ways.

At SD-6, Sloane questions Jack as to whether or not Sydney has asked questions regarding her late mother. "Yes." replies Jack. "Did you tell her the truth? asks Sloane to a perplexed Jack, who only shakes his gently to say no.
Anna inserts the key the lock and turns it; the box opens and they hear a sizzling sound. Both Sydney and Anna look stunned for a moment and Sydney expresses "Oh, my God."
To be continued....

1.04 "A Broken Heart"
Short summary
Francie asks Sydney to help her spy on her boyfriend. Will continues to investigate the mysterious trip Danny was supposed to make on the night he was killed. Sydney's father feels increasingly guilty.
Detailed summary


The week before, the quest for the second piece of an ancient code leads double agent Sydney Bristow to battle it out on mission with her nemesis, K-Directorate agent Anna Espinosa. After a grueling fight, Sydney had recovered the box containing the second half of the sequence from Anna, Anna on the other hand had acquired the key to the box. At a neutral location, with permission from both intelligence agencies, a meeting took place where the two must work together to reveal the mysterious content.

As Anna turns the key and the box opens, a sizzling sound emerges. It's a mechanism intended to destroy the piece of paper which holds the coded sequence. Both agents begin reading the series of 0 and 1 as fast as they can while they seemlessly race against time. Within seconds the sequence is totally unrecoverable.
"Did you get it?" asks Sydney Bristow. "Did you?" responds her nemesis and enemy, Anna Espenosa. They both broke off and start running in opposite directions. Sydney abruptly interrupts her communication with SD-6 and then tells the CIA the complete sequence. "I'm gonna five SD-6 the wrong code", brags Sydney. "Sydney, you listen to me! This is critical! Sydney, you give them the number." yells back CIA handler Michael Vaughn to Sydney emphasizing that this is importance, it's an order.
"An order?" retorts the undaunted young woman, "We're going to have a long talk when I get back to Los Angeles." Sydney reaches the SD-6 van and starts repeating the sequence for their benefit, Anna does the same for her side. Once Sydney is done, her SD-6 partner Dixon feel like encouraging her: "You did good."
LOS ANGELES. "You do not give me orders!", clinched an annoyed Sydney to her handler Vaughn. He explains again to her that it would look bad that Anna gave K-Directorate the correct sequence, K-Directorate would have headed for Athens and found what they were looking for, thus leaving SD-6 with nothing. Vaughn reminds the young woman that they need to careful because as groundlessly puts it: "If SD-6 suspects her you the least, it's over. ".
"Anna has been the enemy for three years. In Berlin I realized that Anna wants SD-6 to burn almost as much I do. " exclaimed Agent Bristow. Nevertheless Vaughn makes a strong case to point out that Anna is still her enemy and that, as far as the CIA is concerned, there is only thing worse than SD-6 getting it's hand on critical information that is if K-Directorate gets it first.
Credit Dauphin building. "You are not into mysticism are you?" asks Sloane to Agent Russek. "Mysticism?" interrogates Russek. "Neither I'm but keep an open mind it'll help. The code was written in 1489. The guy who wrote it was some of the Nostrudamus" continues Sloane as he explains the details of the Milo Rambaldi file, a fifteenth century fortune tells. "It's real, it's a hunt. This man spent the last ten years of his life working on one project. We don't know whether it's a weapon, a fuel source, a transportation system. Based on the little we do know, its technology is beyond anything we have ever seen." exacts Sloane.
In the conference room, Sloane introduces Agent Bristow and Marshall to Agent Russek. "I knew you father," interjected Russek when introducing himself to Sydney. The coordinates they extracted from the code Sydney recovered indicated Greece, SD-6 contacted SD-3 who sent an advanced team there who found nothing pertaining to Rambaldi. Sloane is positive, they were there first. It seems, Marshall explains that in their rush to decipher the enigma they neglected the possibility that Rambaldi was using a compression scheme. Their new calculations bring them to a set of coordinates located in Spain, on the exact site of a five-hundred years-old church. Rambaldi also left one clue in the code that will prove particularly useful, "Golden Sun".
MALAGA SPAIN. Inside the Church Sydney's focus quickly turn to a vitriol(sp?) whose main ornament is a gold sun. She swiftly approaches it and proceedes to retrieve it, she turned clockwise and the piece simply slide out of position. PAUSE... There's Anna attacking her from behind. "I was hoping you'd come." spud Anna as she took the piece away from Sydney.
Sydney kicks Anna back, causing Anna to drop her gun. During the fight, the round object felt on the floor and started rolling. Taking advantage t that Sydney is meters away from her, Anna reaches for the gun and starts shooting in the direction of agent Bristow who swoops for cover.


Anna closes on Sydney, when the intrepid heroine take her by surprise. In the aftermath of few good punch from both side, Sydney finally gets to handcuff Anna to a grounded table. The K-Directorate operative tries to free herself the best she can, but has to admit defeat and watch helplessly as Sydney recovers the artifact and exits the church.

LOS ANGELES. "You still haven't said anything to Charlie?" asks Sydney to Francie, regarding her suspicious that her boyfriend might be cheating on her. "Have you ever spied on anyone?" interjects Francie, to a surprise Sydney who probably knew better than to say anything. Apparently Charlie's got law review in an hour and Francie wants to follow him. "I think that spying on your boyfriend is generally regarded as a bad relationship precedent." reiterates Sydney. "What if he's cheating on me?"
Cut to Sydney and Francie in a car waiting for Charlie to come out of the apartment. "You are a really good friend you know that?" delivers Francies. "Yes I do", replied Sydney, "So this thing happened with will the other night"
Francie: What Did he come on to you?
Sydney: No, no. I kissed him.
Francie: What? You kissed Will Tippin? Are you kidding me?
Sydney: I know. Stop it. We were in the apartment by ourselves after you and Charlie left and we had all those drinks.
Francie: I don't believe it... [You must have been really drunk] Hey there he is... Start the car, start the car. Sydney: No, you wait until he's a block away.
Francie: Look at you getting all into it.
Sydney: Everyone knows you wait...
Francie: I didn't know you wait
Sydney: You wait...
Another car pulls right out, a blond woman comes out and talks to Charlie. First the two hugs for a moment and kiss briefly. Francie obviously devastated by what she just saw, inject a few word to a comforting Sydney: "Okay. I guess he's not going to law review"
In his office at the newspaper, Will Tippin is talking on the phone. Next to him, is his assistant Jenny. "H-E-C-H-T. You're certain? Okay. Thank you. I promise I won't call again." pleaded Will before hanging you the phone. "Danny was supposed to be registered at a medical conference in Singapore." he explains to Jenny, who promptly reminded him that he had already told her and that Litvack (his Boss June) want the Baptist church copy.
At that very moment, Sydney calls Will to tell him that she and Francie just saw Charlie with another woman, that she's having another trip. "You're talking an insane amount of trips." Injected Tippin. In the mists of it, Will mentions the kiss they shared the other night and how it makes him feel weird; Sydney says that she feels them the same but quickly jumps subject to detail that she needs Will's help with Francie who spending the night at her place. Sydney wants him to keep an eye on her while she's away. Will says it's no problem. Sydney promptly thanks him before hanging up.
Jenny: That was Sydney? You're different when you talk to Sydney.
Will: Don't analyze me. Go. Can you get me the name of the guy who works at the airport? What's his name? Luis Escorza? What?
Jenny: If you want me to do something for you, you have to say please.
Will: Please. Escorza. Okay? You know, please, is implicit Jenny!
Cut to the Credit Dauphin building, SD-6's HQ. Sydney sees her father Jack and goes out of way to talk to him. "You are going to see Sloane?" asks Sydney.

Jack Bristow: No McCullough.
Sydney: Psych evaluation?
Jack : Routine. Nothing I'm not used to, nothing I look forward to, but, uh, such is the nature of the job.
Sydney: So, Berlin. It working out. My meeting with K-Directorate... We got the code. That was smart... Jack Bristow: Well I should go. I'll see you later.

"Dad." added Sydney as Jack was just about to leave. The young woman inquires about the two of them having dinner on Thursday. Her father says he doesn't have plans and that Thursday will be fine.

Meeting with Sloane. Sydney is present and so are Dixon, Marshall and Russek. Sloane explains that analysis has been working full time on the piece Bristow recovered from Spain, it's not glass but rather a synthetic polymer. "Before there were synthetic polymers" skeptically adds Dixon.
Sloane is swift to change the subject and to show them a video of a protest last year before the United Commerce Organization (UCO). He informs them that he has advance intel that number of groups plan to disrupt the administrative conference this year and that Zero Defense is amongst them.
The man they are particularly concerned about is an international terrorist known as Luc Jacqnoud. Sydney interjects that she though he was still in Le Sainte for stabbing a police officer. Russek reassures her that unfortunately he was released six months early, Russek is convinced the man has ties to French justice.
SD-6 expects that Jacqnoud will be meeting a client in Morroco on Wednesday. They don't know who the client is, it's their job to find out. Dixon and Sydney will be flying out on this one, he will be Justin Bernell and she'll be Kate Jones. Sloane also explains that their contact is Moktar, an Egyptian commando SD-6 recruited three years ago which whom Sydney has worked with in the past.
At that time, Marshall explains the use parabolic microphone and how handy it is to pickup conversation in noisy environment to the rest of the team. Sloane then tells Dixon an Sydney that their mission is to monitor the meeting and make sure that whatever Luc Jacqnoud is planing doesn't happen.
Meanwhile, Jack Bristow is in the psyche evaluation room with McCullough. Jack is hook to a machine that monitor reactions. McCullough some basic hypnosis technique to get into his mind. We see was Jacks sees, as he imagines an escalator that McCullough is describing when all the sudden Jack's thoughts swift to something else. Now he sees a woman holding a baby is her arms, it's Sydney and she has some chilling words for Jack: "It's only a matter on time before I find out the truth." Jack Bristow wakes up, still in shock, he immediately leaves the room telling McCullough that he needs a minute.


Sydney is meeting Vaughn inside a car washer while her car is being wash. Vaughn apologizes for being late and tells Sydney that CIA knew that Jacqnoud was traveling but they though he was going to Bahrain. The biggest concern, he continues is: why is SD-6 is so interested in the United Commerce Organization.

"Did you have a fight with your wife?" bluntly drops Sydney. "My what?" responds Vaughn. Vaughn is not married. However Sydney saw a picture in his office of his with a woman (c.f. 1.01 Truth Be Told) and assumed they we married. The other woman as was explained before (in episode 1.02 So It Begins), is his girlfriend Alice. Vaughn says he had a huge fight with her and wishes Sydney good luck in Morocco .
MOROCCO. Sydney and Dixon are just out of the airport where the hook with Moktor, their contact. The three seem fairly familiar with each others. Moktar explains that to Sydney and Dixon that Jacqnoud has setup a meeting with a client today in the local market but he doesn't know who the client is.
Sydney & Francie talking on the phone. Francie is Sydney's house in Los Angeles. She explains to Sydney that Charlie has called six times so far but she's not returning any of his calls yet because she want him to suffer. "How's Chicago, did you get there okay?" innocently drops Francie. "Yeah Chicago's fine" casually explains Sydney while talking over her cell phone from Morocco. Sydney tells her not the assume the worse yet, to at least give Charlie a chance to explain himself. Francie says that she will, after he calls a few more times. "Call me if you need me, okay? Love you", peaks Sydney. "Love you" concludes Francie. [subtext]
Jacqnoud has just entered the market and he's alone. "I'm going shopping" dazzles Sydney has she leaves with Sydney taking the parabolic microphone out with her. "Bring us back something, would you?" injects Dixon serious as ever. Sydney answers in her ever typical tone: "That's the plan!"
As Sydney moves in closer to Jacqnoud she's bothered by a local merchant who tries to sell her something. She tells him that she doesn't understand what he's saying so he'd leave her alone. In the meantime another man has joined Jacqnoud. "The meet just got here" warns Sydney. Dixon begins taking photos from one of balconies high above. "I'm going to try and get an I.D. right now." says Moktar as he digitized one of the photos and runs it into the computer.
Sawari(the man Jacqnoud is meeting): So, how are we doing ?
Jacqnoud: You mean phase three...
Sawari: What were the results?
Jacqnoud: You'll be very happy. If Patel is going to be out delivery man, I'll need the piece by tomorrow.
Sawari: As long as the financial arrangements can be made that shouldn't be a problem.
At that moment, Sydney turns around distressed, "The little man's bodyguard I know him... From Corsica two years, the son of a bitch broke my arm" explains Sydney as she heads away. "Moktar pack up we got to get out of here." Unfortunately at that time, the bodyguard sees Moktar's silhouette and calls for backup: "We have somebody".
Sydney is trying to discretely get away but she couldn't distance the man following her. As the bodyguard finally catches up to her, he delivers some chilling words to Sydney: "You. I know you". The young woman pretends she doesn't know him. "I think you remember me, too." He sarcastically adds before pushing her to the ground, behind a curtain.


The tall man threatens Sydney to tell him what she doing or this time he promises to break more than just her arm. With lightening swiftness and agility she avoid his punches, match a double flip and finally beats the crap out of him. Shortly after two tourists show up. "He would wanted to charge me 50$ that's too much." flatly expresses Sydney.

Gun shots reckons as Dixon was still packing stuff, he looks panic. Meanwhile Sydney is running, she calls her partner twice but there's no answer. Just as she arrives at the lookout point, she finds Moktar dead and Dixon fighting with two of Jacqnoud 's men. Sydney lends a hand, with her help Dixon quickly gets a handle on the situation. An helicopter is whirling overhead, as they are about to leave, Sydney looks at Moktar's body, touches him and simply freezes there. Dixon presses her to move, to go and she reluctantly makes an exit.
LOS ANGELES. Sydney is back her apartment, where her she is greeted by her friends Will and Francie. Francie wants to know how her trip went, Sydney simply says that it was awful.
Francie is planing to see Charlie tomorrow for coffee, distressed she asks Sydney to comfort her and to tell her that everything will go all right. Sydney expresses empathy and two hug for a moment. [subtext] Francie leaves.
Will talks about the kiss they shared the other night, he fells weird about it. "I mean how often do you kiss someone you're that close to... I mean never..." Sydney notices that Will is playing with label on her luggage that said "Kate Jones". She quickly sits next to Will and grabs it before he has a chance to see it.
Unfortunately Will misinterprets her gesture and an impromptus moment kiss her again only to stubble upon Sydney's locked lips. Will realizes his mistake but the young woman doesn't react immediately, she's more concerned about telling him that she has diner planned with her father. Will obviously embarrassed, keeps repeating apolitically how he feels like an idiot.
Sydney at the restaurant waiting on her father, a young couple nearby having fun. Waiter comes to take her order, she simply tells him that she's waiting for someone.
Cut to Francie & Charlie. Francie zaps Charlie with the fact that she saw him outside their house with another woman and she wants him to explain himself. Charlie obviously uncomfortable with the subject, tries to dither it as just hanging out with a friend. Francie is obviously not buying into it and hammers "Hang out, Hang out with Rachel" before leaving.
A while has passed and Sydney's father still hasn't shown up. Instead of coming to her, her calls him from his car nearby and explains that he is sorry to call so late but that work is keeping him up and can't be there for diner. "That's all right I'll just see you... I'll just see you", responds Sydney who obviously knows the music. It's not like it was the first time.
Sydney is with Vaughn. She apologizes for calling him so late, and acknowledges that it was because she didn't know who else to call. Sydney explains that her father was supposed to have diner with her night for the first time since she was kid, she doesn't even remember the last time. She knows her father was lying when he said he had work.
The distressed young woman recalls her experience today, on mission, the death of Moktar which has apparently perturbed her greatly. Moktar, she notes, though he working on the right side, for the CIA, that he died, Sydney feels she has his blood her hands. Her confusion further compounded that in the mist of her double duties, she doesn't know what she's doing anymore or why she's doing any of the things she does. Suddenly her beeper starts ringing, angry Sydney, throw it in the nearby waters.
Vaughn asks that she listen to him for a moment. The first time her saw with the stupid "Bozo hair" (1.01 Truth Be Told), he actually though she was crazy but overtime he recalls he had seen her work, he had gotten to know how she thinks and he knows she's perfect sane. In this job, Vaughn emphasis, you see the worse in people but Sydney's only responsibility to herself is not to let all the hatred, the anger and the resentment darken her. Of course, he concluded, when she's at her absolute lowest she can always call him.


At the SD-6 meeting the next day. Sloane explains that analysis has identified the mysterious man with Jacqnoud. His name is Malik Swari, he works in industrial demolition. Last year, he commissioned high power explosives to blow up mountain ranges.

The other important part of the conversation concerns Dieran Patel, who will serve as the delivery man. Sloane underlines the irony of using Patel, one of the guest speakers, to sent a message to the UCO. SD-6 has traced half a dozen threats back to Jacqnoud. The mission for Dixon and Sydney is to safeguard Patel, recover the weapon and protect the UCO.
SAO PAULO. At the reception given to UCO representative before tomorrow's conference, Sydney and Dixon look for Patel. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Will Tippin is talking to his contact at the airport about the plane ticket Danny allegedly bought the night he was killed. Will finds it strange that the international flight was paid in cash but was further baffled to learn that Danny wasn't traveling alone..
[BACK TO SYDNEY] Patel suddenly lost consciousness, Sydney maneuvers in close to him and recovers his glass just a doctor arrives to look over him. As she passes the item to Dixon, she notices that Swari is also attending the reception. Dixon goes in a quiet room nearby and examine the liquid and concludes that a powered sedative compound was used, highly likely a designer drug.
[CUT TO WILL] Will asks his contact if the woman traveling with Daniel Hetch was Sydney Bristow. To his amazement, it wasn't which only peeked his curiosity further. The guy was reluctant to tell him the name, so Will had his assistant Jenny pretend she would go out with him as a mean of forcing the contact's hand. "Kate Jones?" repeats out loud an intrigued Will Tippin.
[BACK TO SYDNEY] Patel is taken out in an ambulance, Sydney wants Dixon to keen an eye on Swari while she follows Patel. The young woman hops on a motorcycle and trails the ambulance to an abandoned warehouse. She crawls inside only to find a sophisticated operating room setup, where an unconscious Patel is being operated on. Sydney is chilled to see Swari and Jacqnoud handing over to the surgeon an explosive device to insert inside Patel.
To be continued...

1.05 "Doppleganger"
Detailed summary
After averting an attack on the World Trade Association, Sydney head for Berlin to recover the formula of a vaccine from a German biotech scientist. Will continues to investigate the Kate Jones connection and met the elusive woman in person.
To be continued...

1.06 "Reckoning"
Detailed summary
As she learns deadly secrets about her father's past, Sydney is having difficulty to deal with the death of four CIA agents. Will continues to pursue his investigation into Kate Jones.

1.07 "Color Blind"
Detailed summary
A mission gone sore leaves Sydney the prisoner of a Romanian psychiatric institution. Vaughn confronts Jack. Will gets more than he bargained for, when he's offered the publication of his investigation into Danny's death.

1.08 "Time Will Tell"
Detailed summary
SD-6 suspects the presence of a mole and Sydney finds herself becoming the object surveillance. She confers to her father (Jack) who recommends that she prepares for the lie detector test.
After completing her mission to recover the Rimbaldi clock in Oxford, Sydney travels to Spain to met the grand son of his creator to have it fixed. As it turns out, the clock revealed the location of the Rimbaldi journal. Sydney and Dixon are sent to recover it.
Things take a turn for the worse, when Anna ambushes Sydney inside the underground passage. The two fight fiercely but Anna manages to throw Sydney out the ladder while she escapes with the book.
To be continued...

1.09 "Mea Culpa"
Short summary
Sydney escape the underground cave to find a wounded Dixon bleeding to death. In a desperate move to save her partner's life, she uses the CIA satellite phone to call for help. After are both air lifted to nearest city, Sydney calls Sloane and explain that she drove the both of them there. However mayhem may await her as her SD-6 partner heard her CIA codename.
Detailed summary


Sydney escapes the underground tomb (c.f. 1.08 Time Will Tell) to find a wounded Dixon bleeding and in a state of shock. In a desperate move to save her partner's life, she uses the CIA satellite phone to call for help. Within minutes, they are both airlifted to the nearest city where Sydney calls Sloane to explain how she drove there herself. However mayhem may await her as her SD-6 partner heard her CIA code name, while semiconscious and even repeated it twice.

At the SD-6 hospital, Sydney has to lie to Dixon's wife Diane. Officially Sydney and Dixon were standing in front of the bank's office in Rome and were attacked by gunmen. The next day, she then repeats the cover story to her friends Will and Francie. Back at SD-6, suspicions mount on Sydney, despite a successful lie detector test the interrogator Carl Dreyer remains convinced that she's the mole he has been looking for. Strangely Sloane defends her vigorously but confronted with the prospect of having to answer for his actions before the Alliance agrees to take care of agent Bristow.


Sydney repeats her cover story to Will and Francie the next day. Somehow Will has a hard time buying into it, "First Danny and now this..." he exclaims. Francie protective of Sydney, calls Will on it and asks him to stop. Will has no intention of letting this go, he's a born journalist, he has a flair that something is wrong but in the face of hurting Sydney's felling he come up with one the truthful thing he could say: "I'm just glad you are okay."

During the briefing, in the conference room, Sloane shows everyone present (Sydney, Jack amongst others) the video of bank robbery. These men, claim claims, are working with Ineni Hassan. For the past few weeks, apparently Hassan hasn't been working for SD-6 and that he has in fact disappeared with a large sum of money. Sloane explains that SD-6 want him found, they want to bring him to justice.
Sydney is informed of her next assignment which is to recover the bank account numbers from Hassan's accountant a man named Logan Gerace. SD-6 plans to reroute the funds. The CIA also wants the computer's content and thus Vaughn hands Sydney a device to extract the data from the SD-6 information retrieval device. In a convoluted speech he makes to Sydney, Sloane reveals that he knew his parents from long back, that he considers her to be "his daughter" and he wanted her to "know this before she went away". Sydney expresses to Vaughn her fears about the speech, that she said felt too much like a goodbye. She's afraid she's not coming back. Vaughn reassures her: "We are going to get through this."
Sloane then turns to his assistant and issues a hit on Sydney Bristow to SD-4. He gives the specific instruction that it be put out through server five. "This officer is scheduled to make a dead drop at Dinatti Park... this is where the kill should take place. The target's name is Bristow, Sydney Bristow."


TUSCANY. Meanwhile Sydney is on mission in Italy, parachuted inside Gerace's villa. She quickly slips out of her jumpsuit to reveal a more seductive outfit, locate Gerace's and uses the print scanner (made from what looks like a modified Nokia phone) to lift the his finger prints off a glass he just touched. Using liquid latex, the device makes her exact copy of the print and Sydney heads for his office.

Vaughn intercepts the communication and asks that a retrieval team be assembled immediately. He contacts Jack Bristow, who warns him to not do anything until he can confirm the hit. Jack then goes to Marshall, pretending that he sent a message to SD-4 but they never received it. Jack asks. Marshall then informs him that the search did not include server five because it had been isolate from the main network by Security Section. This is exactly where they find the communique.
Jack rushes to the CIA head quarters and demands to be taken to field ops. "Mr. Bristow", expresses Vaughn surprised. "Call them off", urges Jack over protests from Vaughn. Jack tells him that know how Sloane's works and he believes that Sloane is bluffing, reiterating the information he extracted from Marshall about communication: "The order was sent out through SD-6 server five... it was only send out to you. Vaughn, they know someone's listening." Jack make a solid case for his argument. If Vaughn intervenes, Jack cautions that, it would only expose Sydney as a double agent.


As Sydney enters the park, the CIA surveillance team surveys an unidentified man moving in her direction. Vaughn to Jack, "Jack tell me your not wrong about this.", "Tell them to hold their positions." responds the challenged senior agent. The mood already tense, is only heightened when the mysterious stranger pours his right hand in one of his pockets. "He could be reaching for a gun", exclaims Weiss. "Stand by." oppose a nervous Vaughn clearly unsure if he's doing the right thing or not. Sloane is also watching the scene through a hidden camera, everyone is fondly relieved as Sydney moves pass the man, completed her dead drop and left the park undisturbed. Sloane seems satisfied, his greatest fear avoided.

Apartment. Will and Francie are commenting on a movie, they just finished watching ("His Girl Friday"). Will complain that this movie made him believe that being a journalist was fun, while in reality he know now first hand it's anything but fun. He then continues switch to the tangent of discussing the puzzle he's trying to unravel, carefully neglecting to mention the connection with Danny Hetch, and shows Francie the pin he recovered from Eloise Kurtz's car. He tells her it's bug, a microphone.
"No it's not", skeptically injects Francie. Clearly drunk, she begins yelling at the pin. All the sudden, Will's cellphone begins to ring, as he answers a disturbing voice delivers a chilling warning to him: "Stop talking about the bug. Tell the person you are with this was a wrong number." Will heeds the instructions of the mysterious caller and carefully hang out the phone.
Sloane's office. Dreyer says that display Dinatti Park proves nothing. "Whether she is or isn't, if she would have exposed as the mole she would have been saved by her people and you would have effectively let her go." Sloane tells Dreyer that he has his answer regarding Sydney Bristow, "What are you protecting" retorts the obviously annoyed interrogator. Sloane tells him that he should concentrate his efforts on finding the mole and stop questioning his decisions.
Apartment. Sydney apologies to Francie for not being able to go with her buy that wedding dress as she promised she would. Francie says it's okay, she understands how Sydney feels, after all she was the who was supposed to go through this (c.f. 1.01 Truth Be Told). Sydney promises to make it up to her next week.
Newspaper. Will receives a call on his cell phone, it's the mysterious caller again and this time he wants to him to go to the corner of 7th and Spring, Will would have liked wanted to ask a few questions, but the man hanged out too quickly.
SD-6. During the mission briefing, Sloane explains to Sydney and Russek that Hassan is more paranoid that they predicted. The files containing his account numbers were not in the he computer, apparently Hassen feared that a computer could be hacked. Instead the information Sydney retrieved make reference to a safe deposit box in a bank in Switzerland. Russek will be Sydney, support on this one continue Sloane, she'll go in as Christina Stevens from Dreiberg Diamonds, looking for a bank to recommend to her clients for high-volume storage. Both Sydney and Russek will leave tonight. Before leaving Sloane approaches Sydney and lend his hand on her right shoulder only to whispers "Great Job in Tuscany.". Russek obverses the unusual behavior of his boss, intrigued.
Sydney is with Vaughn for their secret meeting (the location looks like the one from 1.08 Time Will Tell). She learns from Vaughn that her mission at Tuscany was a setup, that SD-6 suspected of being a mole and were hoping the CIA would take the bait. "I would have been safe right, he gave an out", retorts Sydney. "Considers you a daughter", comments Vaughn when referring to Arvin Slone. "Don't remind me!" drops Agent Bristow in salty tone. Vaughn then hangs her a new transmitter that she is to use in Switzerland, when gets the account number she will read them at loud, get her transmission and tag the money before SD-6 transfers it. "It's not exactly a crushing blow...", explains Vaughn, "...but every bit helps..." continues Sydney.
Will Tippin is at the location he had been asked to go by the mystery caller. Suddenly, as he waiting next to pay-phone, it rings. Will answers, "Are you have not been followed?", asked a disguised voice before emphasizing on the questions of how far Will is willing to go and if he's ready. "Why? Will be in danger?", trembles Tippin. "I need to heard the words.", continues the man. "Yeah, I'm in. I'm ready." answers a perplexed Will still stunned by the sudden dial tone.
GENEVA. Agent Bristow is entering the bank is Switzerland, as she approaches the reception area asks to talk to Mr. Franco. As about touring the facility. she introduces herself as Christina Stevens, politely reminding Mr. Franco that she's with Dreiberg Diamonds and has an appointment to tour the facility. Franco leads Syndey down into the vault room, when she's alone with she uses a anesthetic spray to knock him unconscious. "I'm in" says Sydney to her mission partner Russek who in turn gives her the number of the box she's looking for. Sydney moves around, find the safe deposit box and uses a device to force it open. Sydney then reads out the numbers at loud for the benefit of both SD-6 and the CIA.
Russek begins to procedure to transfer the money. The CIA wastes no time. "Get this to treasury I don't want to lose track of a single penny" hails agent Vaughn to agent Weiss who replies: "No kidding." Sydney was planning to skittle out of there but the security box won't close. At that time, the bank director receives a call and a guard is asked to fetch him. As the stroll down the corridor inside the vault, Sydney still struggles with the box.


The guard almost catch her in the act, Sydney fakes being distress over Mr. Franco. "He just fainted, take care of him I'll go get some help." As the guard bothers with Franco, Sydney walks out of the vault.

Will has apparently finished his day at work, and returns to his car only to find a message garbled on his windshield that reads: "Glove box". He swiftly opens his car door and reaches for the glove compartment. Tippin finds hidden there a mini tape inside an envelop. He quickly plays the tape only to hear to his stupor two inaudible voices arguing preceding three distinct gun shots.

Marshall reports to Dreyer that he detected abnormal transmission originating from the team's location at the bank. Dreyer wastes no time to force Arvin Sloane's hand with regard to Sydney Bristow. The old man looked appalled at the report Dreyer presented him, acknowledging that he can no longer deny the truth.
Sydney is woken up by a phone call from Diane, she's calling to inform Sydney that her husband Dixon has just regained consciousness. The young woman rushes to get to the hospital, as she strolls the corridor Sydney sees Sloane leaving the room apparently having already paid a visit to Dixon. Sydney is surprised that Sloane simply walked passed without a single emotive reaction. Sydney then goes in to see Dixon and asks him what remembers. According to what he told Sydney, the last thing Dixon remembers was walking off trying to find a line of sight to the satellite. He then goes on to talking about her radiant smile.
For a moment, Sydney seemed relieved that her partner (Dixon) is going to be okay. However her happiness is short lived, out of nowhere a group of ambush her in the hospital's parking lot. They grab Sydney and take her inside a black car. At that moment, Sloane receives a phone call: "We got her". Fade to black, another cliffhanger.
To be continued...
Ineni Hassan which we saw in a previous episode (So It Begins #102) became pissed off when someone stole the nuclear core from a nuclear weapon SD-6 sold him. He suspects SD-6 ripped him off, unknown to him, the fact is that it was Sydney's doing.
Greg Grunberg also makes an appearance as CIA officer Weiss, which is not credited.

1.10 "Spirit"
Detailed summary
While Sydney is in the interrogation of SD-6 awaiting the worse, new evidences are presented to Sloane whom places Rusik in the chair. Sydney is stunned by the turn of events. After SD-6 discovers the new identity of Hassan, Jack is sent on mission to kill him. Thing take a turn for the worse, when he's capture and Sydney only aggravate the situation by mounting a rescue mission of her own.

1.11 "The Confession"
Short summary
Even after handing over Hassan to the CIA, Jack Bristow still has to face justice when Vaughn uncovers evidences linking him to the murder of two dozen CIA officers 25 years ago.
Detailed summary


"Killing this agent proves nothing," says Jack Bristow to Ineni Hassan. "To me it proves everything." replies Mr. Hassan. Jack was just buying time, hoping Sydney would pick up on the Morse code he was sending her by blinking his eyes at irregular intervals. It's show time, Jack moves his gun over to the guard on the left and shots him while Sydney takes down the guard on her right. Jack then threaten Hassan to call his guards to create a diversion so they can escape and warns him not to try anything because Sydney is fluent in Arabic. Everything worked as planed.

When they arrived at the location convened for the CIA counter mission in the previous episode (1.10), Jack fakes Hassan's death and takes a few photographs for SD-6's benefit. Curiously Hassan is more concerned about his suit than about his own life and anxiously asks Jack how he plans to get him out of Havana. Jack explains this will be a simple task, as he knocks him unconscious. The CIA helicopter arrives, Hassan is brought aboard, Sydney soon follows. This is were she and her dad departed, "I'll see you."
As the CIA helicopter heads from the main land, with Sydney and Hassan aboard. Sydney explains to Vaughn that every turnout out all right: Jack then contacted SD-6 and convinced them that Hassan was dead, the CIA got what the wanted and my father is safe. Sydney even thanked him for getting her into Cuba.
"You were right," she continued as she built on Vaughn's comments from the episode before. Sydney said she understood now, the part about when someone you love is in trouble and that suddenly nothing else matters. Sydney then illustrated how she was mad at Jack for sacrificing Russik to save her but now realizes that she would have done the same thing if he would have been the one in danger, obviously still impressed by her father's performance, she is proud of the way he acted like a pro in Havana.
However her admiration may be short lived, once again, as Vaughn confronts her about the books she handed to him (1.08 Time Will Tell). Those books bought by her father for her late mother twenty five years ago had been finally decoded by the NSA and the analysis confirmed the presence of KGB codes. These secret messages were directives sent to a unknown foreign agent: list of alias, handles given by the CIA to two dozen agents all of whom are now dead. Vaughn expresses his to desire to Jack to his superiors.


At SD-6, Sloane expresses that he was a bit worried when Jack missed his scheduled mission update and that Hassan might have go but Jack reassures him than he had been through worse than Havana, they both have but that in the end everything worked out fine. "Not for Hassan, " gloated and smirked Sloane with unusual joy.

During the meeting with Sydney and Dixon, Sloane claimed that although Hassan's death was obviously a vicious murder, SD-6 may never know who was responsible. Since the news of his death has spread, SD-6 picked up a number of communications from a man named Minos Sakkoulas, which SD-6 believed to have been Hassan' second in a command, to old clients of Mr. Hassan. Sloane plays the last message for benefit of his agents, it explains that Sakkoulas is in possession of a device that he refers to as "the package" and that Sakkoulas is looking for a potential buyer. Sloane wants to know what the package is and is sending Sydney and Dixon to Greece to infiltrate Club Panthera, a night club owned by Sakkoulas where information about the weapon is kept.
For the purpose of this mission, Marshall explains, Sydney will need to use a special set of eyeglasses with a built-in retina scanner that can gather the data necessary for a second device, which will be in possession of Mr. Dixon, whose purpose is to make silicon polymer based eye-lenses that can duplicate the characteristic of the original retina. The purpose of which is defeat the retina scanner which is part of the security system of Sakkoulas' office.
CIA SAFE HOUSE IN LA. Hassan is nervously looking at his reflection, as Vaughn shows up. The young ambitious CIA officer, tries to convincingly convey that Hassan has no choice but to cooperate but Hassan has other plans in mind, he wants guarantees that his family will be offered protection. That is the price for his help, nothing less he presses. Vaughn leaves the room with a warning for Hassan, "Let me give you some time to think about it."
Meanwhile back SD-6, Jack hooks up with his daughter Sydney and after activating a device to block electronic surveillance (first see in Time Will Tell), Jack express his gratitude for the way she heroically came all the way to saved him in Cuba. He acknowledges that she didn't have to, but was proud that she did. For the first time, Jack also recognizes that there are a number of things he should have done as a father. "It's okay." nodes Sydney.
At an isolate location, Vaughn met up with Sydney to inform her that since Hassan is not talking she will have to get into Sakkoulas' office herself and copy whatever plans for the device she finds there and get it for us but instead of returning to SD-6 with that information she will provide them with photographs of the unclassified weapons that the CIA is handing her. Once again, Vaughn stressed that he needs her testimony to bring her father to justice, that they both know what the right thing to is. Sydney admits that her father was likely guilty but she needed time to come to a decision as to what to do. As the noise of Sydney's care winks away, Vaughn takes out of vest a tape recorder and rewinds it and then plays part of the conversation he just records: "... Yes my father probably got his KGB orders from the books... and yes it looks like my father was responsible for those deaths..."


ATHENS. As Sydney enters the club, Dixon breaks into the security room and takes down the guard. He then uses the cameras to locate Sakkoulas. Sydney makes way pass the bouncer, into the part of the club where Sakkoulas is located in good company. She's barely twenty feet from him with a direct line of sigh and Sakkoulas is look straight at her but there isn't enough light in here, Dixon explains and she'll need to maneuver him within two inches of her for the scan to be successful. "Great", exclaims Sydney with sarcasm as she realizes she may need to entertain the pervert for a while.

After a perky smile, Sydney then proceed to drawing Sakkoulas toward her, "I heard that you are the owner of this club". "You are an American?" replied an intrigued Sakkoulas. "God bless America." entails Agent Bristow as she grabs him by the hip and in a most seductive voice continues "Your dancers ... suck." "Suck?" peaks Sakkoulas, "You think you could do a better job?"
The two adults are now face to face, within a few inches of each other. Dixon reminds Sydney that she needs to hold him there for at least ten seconds but as luck will have it one of Sakkoulas' men shows up informing him that a potential buyer has just arrived. Evidently he has to go but still reluctant to let a "wild thing" go, Sakkoulas invites Sydney to come with him.
Sakkoulas leads Sydney to his private room and is about to leave when she grabs him. Luckily this time she manages to hold him in place for the full ten seconds required to complete the scan. Sakkoulas abruptly interrupts the moment to informs her that he'll be back in ten minutes. "I can't wait..." exclaims Sydney as he's about to leave her locked in the room with one of his men.
Sydney: I need to go.
Man: Mr. Sakkoulas has invited you to stay
Sydney: I want to get a drink
Man: We'll be more than happy to have anything you need brought here.
Sydney: I'd rather get it myself.
Man: I think you'll be more comfortable if you struck right here.
"Do you?" squeezes the young woman as she violently knocks him down to the floor. Dixon has heard the noises and asks her if she's all right. Sydney is fine but unfortunately trapped. Dixon proposes that he'll download the information and while she finds a way to exit the building. Sydney objects but she hardly has any choice. She meddles with the key ring until she finds the key that unlocks the door, rushes outside toward the exit.
Sydney doesn't get there however, since she's caught by Sakkoulas and one of men. "I can't quite decide if you are my taste" exhaled Sakkoulas as he licked her face. That's when Dixon comes in, knocks out the other guy as Sydney head-butts and kicks Sakkoulas to the ground. After which, the two make their way out without further interference.
LA. Vaughn is back at the safe house and wants to know if Hassan is ready to talk. "Screw you, I won't talk until you show me some respect." arrogantly yells Hassan apparent not impressed by Vaughn. Getting a little tougher, Vaughn kindly explains to Mr. Hassan that in twenty minutes he's going to be shipped to a maximum security prison and respect will be least of his concerns. That seems to have gotten his attention as Hassan suddenly becomes more cooperative, explaining that he has stock pile of weapons hidden in Greece in a silo. That's where the package is.
"He licked my face", horridly depicts Sydney recalling the worse of her night at club. However what upsets her the most, is that she failed to prevent SD-6 from retrieving the information from Sakkoulas' computer. Sydney proposes to use him to feed Sloane the location of the weapons, so she could go there herself and sabotage the SD-6 mission. However, Vaughn has other plans in mind. [...]
He informs her that he knew she wouldn't be able to go through with turning her father in so he made a recording of their last conversation and he was planing to play it for Devlin and maybe use it in court against her father Vaughn if necessary. That was his intention but he couldn't just do that because he felt he owed it to her to, he also said he understood that would be a personal thing for her but he explained this case is something personal for him too. He show her the name hadn't revealed to before. One of those men that were killed is William C. Vaughn, his father. He tells her that he's made an appointment with Devlin on Monday to report her father and asks if she's with him or not.
Next scene. Sydney is seeking support from Will, crying. She asks Will if Jenny was there, remembering the last time (c.f. 1.10 Spirit). Sydney is all in shambles, Will wants to know what's wrong. She doesn't answer anything, except that she would to spend the night there. Will agrees.


In the voice over, Sydney explains to her father that she understand he has made mistakes, they both have, but if given the chance that he would go back and make things right. She tell her father the plan to get to the device for the CIA.

The weapon is an EM scrambler, used to cloak missile. Thanks to Jack contacts, Sloane explained that SD-6 had the location and she was sent to Greece to fulfill that mission. [...]
CRETE. Sakkoulas is leaving the building. Sydney is in position. Vaughn asks to get an infrared scan to confirm it's empty, he then gives her the all clear and she proceeds to the underground depot. Following instructions from Ineni Hassan she turns a valve clockwise, revealing a secret panel, she inputs the code 314159 and a door slides open. Sydney enters the weapons depot starts looking for black shipping crates.
Within a few second she found what she was looking and as she was heading back to the door, it suddenly closed on her and the whole place automatically went into lock down. "I gave you the wrong code", casually explained Hassan. "You agent has just activated an anti-intruder device. In a minute, the room will fill up with gasoline. Exactly One minute after that, a flame will ignite." Vaughn is furious and threatens Hassan to blow his head off but Hassan remains cool and intransigent. If Vaughn wants to save Sydney he'll have to get the protection order for Hassan's family. "Starts typing." Vaughn orders Agent Weiss. Then with Blazing speed Vaughn rushes to Devlin office to explain to him that he needs to get his signature in forty seconds otherwise agent Bristow will be dead.


Devlin comes down to sign the order. Hassan then gives them the correct code. Sydney inputs it in and the alarm sounded off but her tribulations are far from over. As the door opens, she sees Sakkoulas who was responding to the beeper signal he received.

"Don't shoot... the room is filled with gasoline." exclaims Sydney in a panic. The intrepid criminal hands out knife and menaces Sydney with it, a struggle erupts, in the might of all the dandling he accidentally it's the control panel as Sydney kicks him to the floor. She runs for exit, leaving Sakkoulas to contemplate his death moment before the whole place blew up.
L.A. Sydney meets up with Vaughn, in preparation for the meeting. She doesn't seem to trill about it, but things proceed ahead nonetheless. As the conference room fill-up with people, Vaughn comments that there is an unusually large number of persons present. Jack arrives last and sits next to Devlin. Everybody is seated.
Jack explains that he knew for some time that his file had been pulled, that some people were suspicious about his past activities, that he understood that it was time to tell the truth. He further acknowledged what Vaughns suspected about the files, that those were orders to kill and that those orders were carried out about by a KGB agent. Jack paused. "But Sydney I was not that agent... your mother was."
In the close captioning the name is spelled Sakulos, while on the official web site it's listed as Sakkoulas. The same is also true about Enini Hassan, that the official synopsis entail as Ineni Hassan. We will keep up with the official source.

1.12 "The Box, Part I"
Detailed summary
A former agent of SD-6 left for dead is back with a vengence. (part 1 of 2)
Part one of two

1.13 "The Box, Conclusion"
Detailed summary
A former agent of SD-6 left for dead is back with a vengence.
Part 2 of 2

1.14 "The Coup"
Short summary
When the head of FTL is brutally assassinated by a commando, sponsored by a new player known as The Man, SD-6 learns of a possible connection between this and the attack on the Credit Dauphin building last week. Will continues his investigation into David McNeal and his lead to recover a digital guest book. Sydney finds out Charlies had been cheating on Francie, and while on mission in Las Vegas confronts him about his past relationship with Stella. Thanks to the bug, Dixon planted in the suite of a K-Directorate operative, SD-6 learns about the meeting between K-Directorate and representative of The Man.
Detailed summary


[SD-6 Meeting] After showing to those present (Sydney, Marshall, Jack and Dixon) surveillance footage taken from outside Tyno-Chen Engineering, Sloane explained that the man they saw being gunned down is Quan-Li, the head of FTL. SD-6 still haven't the id the young man who killed him but the attack against FTL took place at the same as the attack on SD-6 last week (c.f. 1.12 "The Box, Part One" and 1.13 "The Box, Conclusion"). Both had to same objective: to steel a Rambaldi artifact. While SD-6 remained whole and is recovering nicely, FTL wasn't so fortunate, their agent rooster was compromised and their entire network crippled within hours.

SD-6 has advanced intel that the group claiming responsibility has contacted K-Directorate and proposed the sharing of Rambaldi technologies. The group in question is expected to detail the location of the meeting to a go-between man, Brandon Dahlgren. Dahlgren lives years round at the Regal Casino where he regularly gambled in one of the private gaming suites. The mission is simple, Sydney will run comm while Dixon goes undercover posing as Darian Buchanan(a delegate from the Jamaican parliament who is planning on visit Las Vegas next week). Pegging back on Buchanan's credentials, Dixon will make contact with Dahlgren and plant a bug. Both Sydney and Dixon are expected to leave as soon as SD-6 gets word that Buchanan is on it's way.
Just as everyone is about to exit the conference room, Sloane asks Sydney to stay for a minute. Sloane lets Sydney know that he was just informed by her father (Jack Bristow) that he know that Jack told her the truth about her mother -- that she was KGB (c.f. The Confession). He says that he is sorry. Sloane also wanted to extend his thanks for her service to SD-6 during the crisis last week, let her know that everyone here owed her their life. The two are about to leave, Sloane opens the door before gallantly inviting the young lady to walk out first. To her stupefaction, everyone from the office has gathered to applaud her and show their gratitude for the heroism she showed last week. (cf. 1.12 "The Box, Part 1" & 1.13 "The Box, Conclusion").
[Riding with Vaughn in a train] The whole scene made her feel sick, Sydney recalls. To see all those people standing there, as patriots, not realizing that they are really work for a heartless man, named Arvin Sloane. She felt like pulling his finger again. (cf. 1.13 "The Box, Conclusion") [...]
Vaughn informs Sydney that her counter mission is to tag Buchanan and wait for more instructions. He then confirms wonders that Haladki has reported him for what he did last week, breaking into SD-6 with authorization but that in the Haladki and him pretty broke even on this one. Vaughn noticed Sydney touching her face repeatedly and wonders if she's all right. She explains that she's bruised but uses a lot of cover up so it won't show.
[Credit Dauphine] Jack informs Sydney that Buchanan could be leaving today and that she should be ready to leave this afternoon. [,...] As Jack inquires about how Sydney is doing in school, the young woman confesses that she considering dropping out because she wonders if she didn't only went to grad school because her mom did. Now that she found out it was just her mother's cover, she's having second thoughts. Sydney wants him to give her some feedback but Jack feels he's not the right person to ask.


[Sydney at her apartment] As Sydney is making final preparations to leave, her friend Will Tippin comes by. His tape recorder died and he wonder if she had a replacement. Just as Sydney hands him her own, she notices that Will has a hickey on his neck. She quickly offers to put some cover up on it.

At that moment, Francie and Charlie comes in. Today was the big brunch for them, the day when both their parents sat down with them and discussed the wedding. To much their eternal despair, their folks went along to well which Francie attributes to the makings of a disaster. Sydney mentions that she's going to Vegas which sparks in Francie's mind the idea that it would an ideal place for them to go and celebrate. Sydney is totally against the idea, after all she's not going there to have fun but rather because she's on mission. The subject died off pretty quickly. As Sydney is about to leave, Charlie hands her poster promoting his performance at the club that he'd like her to distribute around the campus -- Sydney agrees to help.
[Lompoc Prison] Will Tippin is visiting David McNeil, a former software designer and current a prisoner of Lompoc (cf. Spirit). Since he knows about past threats from SD-6 toward McNeil, Tippin wants to be sure that David's daughter Kelly is safe before going ahead with the story. David reassures him that's the case and that he's ready to talk but that Tippin's got to do something first. Apparently, David was a smart guy who added code in the encryption software that he developed that would log the name of the company using the program -- the digital guest book is on a server at O.T. Technology (a company that David used to work for).
[O.T. Technologies building] Following the instructions provided to him by McNeil, Tippin goes to O.T. Technologies and asks to interview Larry Glasner, the CEO. That's just an excuse to get into the building. Next to bathroom, three door on the right Tippin finds the computer room and inputs the code provided by McNeil: 4747 (see episode 1.14 "Page 47" for the significance). Once inside, Tippin downloads a file called "dolphin".
[School Campus] Sydney is in professor Choy's office (cf. 1.03 Parity) with the firm intention of dropping the course. However the generally strict man has another idea and he recommends to Sydney to think about it a little more before making a finale decision. Just as Choy is about to leave, he hands Sydney her paper, it's graded A+ (cf. Time Will Tell).
Outside on the campus, Sydney distribution Charlie's posters at strategic locations when another young woman, Stella Campbell, comes to see her and mentions that she knows Charlie. Campbell rigs the horrid tale of her failed relationship with Charlie which just so happened while Charlie was dating Francie. Sydney looked stunned, informing Stella that her friend is planing to marry Charlie. Inquisitive Stella asks Sydney if her friend is a blond girl called Rachel (cf. ) My friend is someone else, explains Sydney to an overtly embarrassed Stella who just realized she talked too much.
LAS VEGAS. As Sydney and Dixon move along the sidewalk toward the Regal Casino building, Sydney is on her cell phone talking to Will Tippin about what she just discovered about Charlie and is seeking his advice on how to break the bad news to Francie. Tippin suggests to get her drunk, because it's really going to hurt. Sydney hangs up and discuss the matter with her mission partner Marcus Dixon and explains to him how stupefied she is that she didn't see it coming.
After handing Dixon an exact duplicate of Dahlgren's ring Sydney splits and heads for the employee entrance. The security guard stops her. Sydney explains that she's a new employee and opens up her long sober overcoat to reveal a dabble girl outfit and an id card. The man green lights Sydney and she gracefully makes her way into the building.


Sydney walks along the gambling room, where she sees Francie and Charlie who somehow also decided to spent the night at The Regal Casino. Sydney tries to hide her face the best she can and asks Dixon via her ear piece what to do. Dixon commands to Sydney to not let them see her. Sydney finally exits the public area and enters an employee only zone using her faked id card. She picks open the lock on one of the doors, once inside she attaches Marshall's latest gadget to one of fiber-optic cables which give her total access to the network. Sydney swiftly replaces Darian Buchanan's photo from the database with one of Dixon's before letting her partner know that he's good to go.

Dixon casually enters the casino. Thanks to Sydney's hack, the face recognition software immediately ids him as Buchanan and security informs the floor manager that an important guest has just arrived. Dixon is quickly escorted to the private gaming suit. Meanwhile, Francie and Charlie are gambling and after losing a few round, they're finally are up a hundred bucks. That's when Francie noticed a poster for casino's wedding chapel and bugs Charlie about getting married there -- far from the parents, and all the hassles.
From her location, Sydney has access to all the feeds from the various security cameras hidden throughout the casino. Dixon approaches Dahlgren and asks if he can join him, Dahlgren accepts. The card dealer explains to Dixon what the rules are. Sydney looks at Dahlgren's hand and informs Dixon. Dixon places 50,000$ on the table as his first bet, prompting two of the other players to leave the game. He then ups the pot to 120,000$ and brags about drawing an inside straight. Dahlgren folds, only to discover that Dixon was bluffing big time.
Sydney examines the other cameras and sees Francie and Charlie heading for the chapel. Without hesitation she asks Dixon to cough if she can go radio silent for two minutes. Dixon coughs. Sydney puts on her overcoat back and leaves the room.


Sydney catches up with Francie and Charlie as they were about to sign the bride and groom registry. She claims that she was just finishing a meeting at the other end of the casino and wants to talk to Charlie alone. Francie finds it a bit odd but agrees.

Once all by herself with Charlie, Sydney pushes the issues regarding Stella Campbell. She emphasis that she thinks of him as friend and has nothing against him personally but she also feels it's wrong for him to marry Francie without telling her the truth about Stella first. Sydney then leaves him to contemplate his conscience and returns to her mission assignment. Charlie then explains to Francie that he's changed his mind and that he now feels this is not the right place to get married.
Dahlgren is out of money, so Dixon proposes to up the bets on more time by putting something personal on the table. Dixon gambles what he claims is a gift from King Fad of Saudi Arabia. Dahlgren offers his watch but Dixon is not interested and shows far more interest in acquiring his ring. Meanwhile Sydney removes her overcoat again and rushes out to return to her lookout point way behind the employee exit. One she gets there, she notices that Dahlgren has a flush and with his weak hand, Dixon is almost certain to lose. Dixon announces that he's got three kings and moves his hands over the jackpot. Dahlgren stops him and wants to see his cards. As it becomes obvious that Dixon has lost, he gently redraws his hands switching the real ring with the counterfeit at the same time.
The floor manager comes into the suit with security and asks Dixon to come with them to take a phone call. Apparently they have been informed by Buchanan's attache that he is still stuck in Jamaica and are now questioning Dixon's identity. Sydney who has seen the entire scene on video, rushes to help Dixon out of difficult situation. A fight explodes and the two of them make a graceful exit.
LOS ANGELES. Sydney and Francie are in LA; Francie is excited about the ring that Charlie bought her which makes it even more difficult for Sydney to break her the disappointing news. Sydney asks Francie to sit down and calmly takes her hand as she's about to reveal to Francie what she learned about Charlie yesterday. The news drops like a bombshell and Francie goes from defensive of Charlie to overtly aggressive toward Sydney accusing her of having become elitist and distance, and most of all of never having liked Charlie.
[Newspapers office with Tippin] At the newspapers office, where Will Tippin works, Sydney explains to her friend Tippin the a huge fight with Francie. Tippin tries to encourages her, that it was natural for her react like that especially since she was unprepared for such horrifying news but that he feels confident this will blow over and that the two will remain good friends. At that moment, Sydney is getting a call on her cell phone -- it's her father and he wants her to meet him somewhere.
[Sydney and her father in the park] As Jack and Sydney Bristow meet in the park, he explains that he use used to come here often with her mother and watch little Sydney ride on the carousel. He and Sydney's mother would talk about future and something about his work at the CIA. Jack never imagined that those conversations were being passed along to the KGB. He hasn't visited the park in almost twenty years but the reason he is bringing this up now is because he wants Sydney to understand that decision to go to grad school was her own, while knowing that her mother was teacher may have influence it somehow, Sydney had been nonetheless the one making that choice.


[SD-6 HQ] During the meeting at SD-6 Sloane explains to those present () that linguistic has successfully decoded the Dahlgren's phone call. Unfortunately the identity of The Man is still a mystery. The mission is to get a visual of The Man and to learn the identity of the agency responsible for the attack on SD-6 last week. (cf. 1.12 "The Box, Part 1" and 1.13 "The Box, Conclusion").

[Sydney and Vaughn] Vaughn hands Sydney a flash memory card compatible with the camera SD-6 will using during the mission. Before leaving Vaughn feels he needs clarify something, regard their conversation last week (1.12 "The Box, Part 1"). Sydney asked him if he wanted to go to a hockey game with her, Vaughn emphasis that he would very much like that as he would like to be in public with her, to get to know her.
[Sydney's home] Sydney is front of the fireplace contemplating the real possibility of leaving school when all the sudden Francie comes back in the house. As it turns out, Francie finally confronted Charlie and he told her the truth, she spent the remainder of the day on a rampage and now wants to apologies for what she said to Sydney earlier. Francie notices the form on the table and asks Sydney if she's dropping a course. Sydney says no and throws the piece of paper in the fire.
[Moscow] The intrepid young Sydney ventures moving along from one end of the street to the next while being suspect seven hundred feet in air via a metal wire. As she makes her way across, she can see the guard down below standing point in front of building leading to desolated street. Two cars make their approach.
Having traveled this far, Sydney is now hooking herself up to the side of the building and installs the surveillance gear that SD-6 will need to survey the clandestine meeting in Moscow between the head of K-Directorate, his second in command and a representative of The Man calling himself Mr. Sark. He explains that his employer wants the Rambladi manuscript discovered in Argentina (#1.08 "Time Will Tell") and that he's ready offer one hundred million dollars for it. The head of K-Directorate, Ivankov, refuses the offer pointing out that the manuscript is priceless and there not for sale. Sark states that the offer expires in sixty seconds. However Ivankov is not impresses and is about to walk away when Sark signals one of Ivankov's own men to kill him. Sydney and Dixon who are monitoring the meeting are visibly stunned by the turning of events. Valuable time has been wasted but with the clock still ticking and with only twenty seconds left Comrade Kassar the second in command quickly agreed to the terms to avoid a similar fate.
Sydney still hanging in the air by the side of the building had the misfortune of becoming unbalanced and as she struggled to regain the equilibrium one of her feet slipped and crouches one of the old deprecating ornaments barely hanging onto the granite. As the object drops and hits the ground the noise alerted the man standing post next to it. He immediately sees Sydney and opens fire in her direction.
To be continued...

1.15 "Page 47"
Short summary
Will (William) Tippin's investigation into SD-6 takes a deadly turn when he's confronted with a vial ultimatum. Meanwhile after recovering the Rambaldi manuscript for SD-6, Sydney is instructed by her handler Michael Vaughn to retrieve the 47th page which he believes contains pivotal information. Unaware of Tippin's dealing with SD-6, Sydney brings him to diner at her boss' house where the manuscript is being kept.
Detailed summary


Last week, Sydney had been surveying a clandestine meeting in Moscow between the head of K-Directorate, his second in command and a representative of The Man calling himself Mr. Sark. The Man is the mysterious sponsor of the combined attack against both SD-6 (#1.12 "The Box, Part One" and #1.13 "The Box, Conclusion") and FTL (#1.14 "The Coup"); a man willing to offer up to 100 millions to get his hands on the mysterious Rambaldi manuscript discovered in Argentina (#1.08 "Time Will Tell"). The meeting concluded when the head of K-Directorate refused the offer and was killed, with the clock still ticking and with only twenty seconds left Comrade Kassar his second command quickly agreed to the terms to avoid a similar fate.


Sydney hanging in the air by the side of the building had the misfortune of becoming unbalanced and as she struggled to regain the equilibrium one of her feet slipped and crouch one of the old deprecating ornaments barely hanging onto the granite. As the object drops and hits the ground the noise alerted the man standing post next to it. He immediately sees Sydney and opens fire in her direction.

Sydney cuts the first rope holding her in place, letting herself slide down the other cord thus thereby accelerating her motion until she splashed through a building's window on the opposite side the street before safely landing inside. The man ran as fast he could and pursued her inside the building issues. As she noticed that she was obviously followed Sydney rushed upstairs with the man running after her, as he entered the room where he saw Sydney he quickly notices the elevator cage heading down and strolls back downstairs to catch up with it. The soldier opens fire on the shadowy silhouette as it arrives on the lowest level of the building. As he survey his target more closely he realizes it was only a mannequin. [...]
Before he has a chance to react, Sydney swarmed on him from behind and delivers a few elegant kicks. The man is propelled backward into the already weakened elevator shaft, breaking it to bits. As the young woman rushed outside the building, she is surprised by another of Sark's men. With the man's gun hot and cocking, Sydney was left to contemplate what could be her last moment until her partner Dixon arrives to rescue killing the hostile down with only one bullet. Sydney thanks him quickly before hoping onboard the SD-6 escape vehicle.
[Tippin & Jenny] Will (William) Tippin has apparently spent the night with Jenny who is all radiant and shining the morning after. She asks Tippin was he's going to wear, which obviously seems like a silly question since he's heading out to Lompoc prison to interview David McNeil again (c.f. Spirit). But Jenny's not talking about that, she's anxious about Kaplan Award (sp?) that Tippin has won (his article was voted one of the ten most inspirational article of the year) and wants to know if the two of them would go celebrate it on Friday. Tippin explains to Jenny that he unfortunately can't be with her on Friday because he already has made plans.
[Tippin talking to Sydney about his award] Just as he finished talking to Jenny, in the sequence, Will Tippin hops on his cell phone and calls Sydney Bristow to tell her about his award. Sydney, who hasn't yet return from Russia, congratulates him warmly and agrees to met with him on Friday to celebrate.
[Sloane & Jack about Tippin] At the Credit Dauphine building, Arvin Sloane shows to Jack Bristow surveillance footage of Will Tippin talking to David McNeil at Lompoc prison. McNeil is a software designer who had developed an encryption software that SD-6 wanted to acquire but McNeil wouldn't sell, Sloane explains. (cf. "1.10 Spirit") Sloane is rather concerned because this is Tippin's third visit to McNeil in the last two weeks. While he understands that Tippin is a friend of Sydney and that killing him might prove painful to her, Sloane still argues that it now tends to become more than ever the inevitable outcome. Jack disagrees and feels that the move is premature, and they should get more information about the content of the conversations before deciding on a course of action. Sloane agrees but urges Jack to take care of it immediate because, as he puts it, there are some truths that Sydney must never learn.


Sydney and her best friend Francie are at Sydney's and talking about Charlie. Ever since Francie halted her plan for a wedding with Charlie last week (cf. 1.14 "The Coup"), she has been feeling kind of rather low. She contemplates her engagement ring, in despair, unable to take it off. Sydney who has had to deal with a similar situation but for a different reason (cf. 1.01 "Truth Be Told") also hasn't taken off her ring either. The two young women vow to take their rings off together as to alleviate the pain they both suffered and to finally move on.

[Will Tippin at the newspaper office] Will is at the newspaper, where he works, and one of his co-workers comes covertly congratulate him about his award. The whole speech is disseminated in sarcasm to hide a certain familiarity. A delivery man goes into the office and pads Tippin in the back while asking him where June's office is, Tippin says that her office is upstairs and it's office. The man returns outside, and put on a pair of headphones and begins monitoring the remainder Tippin's casual conversation.
[Meeting at Credit Dauphine] During the briefing Sloane explains that the body of Ivankov (the head of K-Directorate) was delivered to K-Directorate's head quarters in St. Petersburg in a shipment of frozen Atlantic codfish. He believes that K-Directorate's second in command, Lavro Kassar, is being held hostage by Sark and unless his employer The Man receives the Rambaldi manuscript any time soon K-Directorate should expect more fishes in St. Petersburg. To very much the exasperation of everyone present (Marshall, Dixon and Sydney), Sloane confirms that SD-6 still doesn't know who The Man is but thanks to the surveillance video they made some progress with Sark.
According to Marshall, Sark's lengthen vowels proved that he spends considerable time in Ireland, possibly Galway. A SD-6 source in the region confirmed that a K-Directorate boat was heading toward Galway. Dixon and Sydney are on mission for this one, their job is to intercept the book and bring it back to SD-6. They'll leave tonight.
[Sydney & Vaughn clandestine meeting] Vaughn shows Sydney the camera she left behind in Argentina (cf. 1.08 "Time Will Tell"). Unfortunately at the time, Sydney didn't have the time to take photos of all the pages in the manuscript but from what they could gather the CIA believes the book could be some sort of instruction manual. Some of the writing was made in Italian while most of it is in code and the CIA began translating it. Vaughn bring out an official CIA folder, from which he shows Sydney a partial translation of the second page with a reference to what Rambaldi calls the 100 segments. Sydney wants to know more but Vaughn says that's all the know for now since the text continues on a page they don't have yet. Her counter mission this time will be the same as in Argentina, to retrieve the book for SD-6 and make a copy for the CIA.
Since Vaughn had been informed by Sydney's father (Jack Bristow) that Sloane has been spending a lot of time at home lately, he sees this as an opportunity to plant a bug in a possibly less secure location. He wants Sydney to use her friendship with Sloane's wife (Emily) to get invited into the house. Sydney sees as abject to use a dying friend to perpetrate an action of that nature. Vaughn argues that Sydney is a spy and that is hardly the darkest decision she had to make so far. Finally after much debate Sydney finally agrees to call Emily and reacquaint herself with her. She goes to find her phone and make an awkward but friendly call to Emily.
[Tippin with McNeil at Lompoc prison] Will comes to visit McNeil and bring him an update on his investigation into SD-6. He informs McNeil that according to the file he retrieved from the computers at O.T. Technologies (cf. The Coup) 42 companies currently use his encryption software. So far Tippin says that he's only been able to look at eighteen of those companies but strangely enough six of them prove to have a common board member: Alain Christophe. According to his research, Christophe ran counterintelligence at Langley from 1982 to 1989 before finally retiring no less than twelve years ago. McNeil is visibly very happy about the news Tippin brought him and tells Tippin that he feels that for the first time in eight years SD-6 should be afraid of him.
[Tippin driving out at night] As Tippin drives his car down an isolate road late at night, a mysterious black van pulls over and two men with guns hop out and one threaten Tippin in a disguised voice. Two of them finally realm Tippin inside the van and drive off.


TUNISIA. Sydney approaches the K-Directorate boat in a small speed boat while Dixon relaxes and while standing on the beach. Through seduction and candid innocence, Sydney draws the attention of the boat's lookout by claiming to be in need of gas. Once aboard the large boat, Sydney sprayed the man and several of the fellow crew members with a substance that put them to sleep. She then proceeded to open the large suitcase handcuffed to one of the sailor arm. Sydney picks up the Rambaldi manuscript and takes picture of every page. Just as she's about finished Dixon informs him that Sark has arrived. The young woman decides to run away with the boat.

[Tippin & his kidnappers] After bringing Tippin to an abandoned warehouse, one of kidnapper punches him repeatedly before handcuffing him to a chair. After playing back a recording of Tippin's conversation with McNeil, the lead kidnapper asks, using a device to distort his voice, if Tippin valued his life. While Tippin said that he did, his interrogator showed obvious skepticism as Tippin's past actions clearly indicated a total of disregard of for the imminent danger. As to clarify his stance, the tall man told Tippin that his friend Daniel Hecth (cf. 1.01 "Truth Be Told"), David McNeil's wife Susan (cf. 1.10 "Spirit") and Eloise Kurtz (cf. 1.08 "Time Will Tell") were all innocents, unfortunate victims. Poised as a more menacing outlook to the current situation, the lead kidnaper suggests that there could be more innocent victims if Tippin refused to drop the story. To illustrate the threat at hand, the kidnappers had brought with them photos of his sister Amy Tippin, his parents and finally one of Sydney Bristow. (NOTE: Interestingly enough Tippin only sharply reacted when Sydney's name was mentioned.) Tippin finally agrees to stop his investigation but the interrogator punched him in the face one last time hard enough to knock him unconscious. Then his accomplice freed Tippin's hands. As they both left, Jack removed his mask to reveal his face to the camera.
[Sloane & Agent Grey] Agent Grey (which we first saw in #1.10 "Spirit" when he was about to interrogate Sydney) goes to Sloane's office to inform that he's questioned everyone from the boat and the he determined that captain is a civilian who doesn't know anything. Without the faintest of regard, Sloane coldly orders to Grey to kill him.
[Emily's phone call] Today Emily is apparently feeling better and has decided to callback Sydney and ask her if she could come to diner and bring a friend as well.
[Sydney & Vaughn: about the blank page] At the usual meeting place, Vaughn informs Sydney that the CIA has been looking over the pictures that she took of the Rambaldi book, they turn out all right except for the 47th page which is blank. Since the CIA has studied other Rambaldi documents before and determined that the 47th page is always significant, Vaughn wants Sydney to steel the page and replace it with a counterfeit. Sydney tells him that Emily has called her and invited her over with a friend, Vaughn is curious who that person might be.
[Sydney calls Will to ask him out] Inside the abandoned building in the middle of nowhere, where his kidnapers left him, a shrouded and bruised Will Tippin is awaken abruptly by the sound of his ringing cell phone. It's Sydney. She first apologies for not being able to celebrate with him on Friday but then asks if he wants to be her guest at Sloane's instead.
[Jenny comes to pick up Will] Tippin's girlfriend Jenny comes to pick him up in her car, as the two drive off she repeatedly asks him what happened but Tippin is lip-tight and let her know quite bluntly that he doesn't want to talk about it. Jenny apparently wanting to lighten up the atmosphere starts talking about her grandmother' soup before mentioning the idea of introducing him to her. That's when Tippin brings up one of those buffered break up speeches. Clearly upset Jenny stops the car and orders him to get out. Jenny drives off abandoning him once again.
[Sydney & Francie at Sydney's] Sydney is at her apartment getting ready for the diner at Sloane's with her best friend Francie by her side. That's when the phone rings, Francie picks it up and plays sarcastic as the man on the other side of the phone asks for Joey's Pizza (cf. 1.02 "So It Begins"). The man hangs up and Francie suggests to Sydney that she should change her number. Sydney nods for moment before asking Francie if she needs anything while she's out.
[Sydney meets Vaughn again] Sydney receive the signal and is rendezvousing with Vaughn at a secret location. This time, her father (Jack Bristow) is there too. An interesting development has come up, Jack has just learned that Sloane had brought the Rambaldi book home with the intention of showing it to Sydney tonight. Vaughn sees it as ideal scenario to both plant the bug and substitute the blank page with a counterfeit. The plan calls for Jack and Sydney to go Sloane's together, Jack will server as a diversion while Sydney cracks the safe. It was decided ahead of time, that at some point during diner, Vaughn would call Sydney on her cell phone and pretending to be a friend in need that will be her q to exit the dining room and go to Sloane's office. Sydney is not too sure about the plan, realizing that it will not only put herself and her danger but may also expose Tippin to harms. Jack didn't know Sydney was bringing Tippin along, and due to the recent conflicts between the young man and Sloane has a bit of a shock reaction. When Sydney asks him about it, Jack says that it's nothing and that he should go. Jack leaves. Vaughn emphasis that he wants Sydney to use discretion on this one, if she feels she can make the switch she should do it but if not that'll fine as well.
[Sydney and Will at Sloane's] As Emily Sloane answers the doorbell and opens to door, Sydney introduced her friend Will Tippin to Emily. Two are invited inside, where Emily presents Will Tippin To Jack Bristow who had arrived earlier, underscoring the fact that the two already knew one another. Things get awkward when Arvin Sloane comes in room, only to find himself face to face with the young man Sydney promptly introduce as Will Tippin. Two stare at each other a moment, and then Sloane reach out to Tippin pretending he was enchanted to get to know him. Sloane then asks if Sydney could come to his office with him because he has urging business to discuss with her.
When in his office all alone with Sydney, Sloane thanks Sydney for work she's done in Tunisia. Sydney replies that she was just doing her job as she reaches out to drop the bug on Sloane's desk while Sloane retrieves the Rambaldi book he's currently keeping in the safe to show it to Sydney. Sloane informs Sydney that a courier is to take the book to England tomorrow for further analysis but he absolutely had to show it to her tonight. He innocently asked her if she had a chance to look at it, but she said she didn't opened it. Sloane mentions the importance this manuscript has, how men died for it and how much various both government agencies and private individuals were willing to spend to uncover the secrets it withheld. Rambaldi had become an obsession for him, he confesses.
Back at the diner table. The topic of conversation was magnetically attracted toward Tippin's article, the one he won a Kaplan award for. Apparently that story had touched Emily so deeply that she couldn't stop talking about it. The story was about the life and tribulations of an illegal immigrant who lived in the modern day USA and in virtual slavery, for many reasons it seems to ironically foreshadow how the man's victory could very well echo Sydney's destiny and how she may eventually bring down SD-6. The emotional recollection was very straining for Emily and the old woman felt weakened, something she blames on her new medication.
At about that time, Sydney's phone rings and she overtly answers it attributing Vaughn's signal to Francie. Sydney leaves the table, pretending that she needs to take this phone call privately. She then leaves the dining room and heads for Sloane's office. Using the device provided by Vaughn she tampers with the safe.
Innocently enough, Sloane begins to probe Tippin regarding the kind of story the young man is currently working on. Despite insistences from Sloane, Tippin remains rather vague. Visible nervous Jack takes a large gulp of wine. Noticing that Jack has emptied his glass, Emily proposes to go get him some more. Sloane offers to get it himself but Jack objects insisting that he knows where the wine cellar is. Sydney has taken manuscript out of the safe and is now replacing the blank page with the counterfeit. As she's about to close book, the door opens... it's her father (Jack Bristow) letting her know that she still has plenty of time.
As Jack returns with a bottle of wine, someone (possibly Sloane) asks Tippin about the bruise on his face. Tippin pretends he got hit by a basketball. Sloane looks at the bottle brought back by Jack, comments that Jack's choice is a very nice wine but then adds that he has something special for the occasion. Jack wants to get it but Sloane urged him to sit down this time because he intends on fetching it himself.
Sydney puts the book back in the safe, closes door and is just about to leave the office when Sloane walks in the door. Sloane comments that she looks pale, Sydney makes up some stuff about her friend (Francie) going through some rough times. Sloane offers to help but Sydney politely refused.


In the middle of park, Sydney makes her schedule dead drop in the designated trash can. At SD-6, Jack explains that Tippin had been looking at some of Alliance's (c.f. "1.01 Truth Be Told") shell companies but Jack is confident that he's dealt with Tippin and that he won't be a problem anymore. Sloane acknowledges that he already knew what Jack did, because security section had already informed him, and he was also aware that Tippin had schedule another meeting with McNeil. While Jack remained optimist that Tippin intended to tell McNeil in person that he's dropping the story, Sloane on the other hand was more skeptical and wanted to make sure the problem was taken care. Sloane tells Jack that he has sent someone to attend to Tippin, if Tippin isn't willing to drop the story Sloane is determined to have him killed.

The SD-6 hit man waits outside, assembling his gun as Tippin unravels the chilling developments inside Lompoc prison. Tippin begins his discussion and McNeil can't help but notice the large bruise on Tippin's face but he isn't nevertheless overly alarmed by it. For some reason, McNeil seems more than ever ready to see it through which is understandable considering that h his daughter was sent away and safe (1.12 "The Box, Part One") and with more than eight years to serve he probably feels he's got nothing to lose. Tippin on the other hand seemed overly distressed by the threat hanging over his family and his friends and wants to quit writing the story. McNeil reminds him of the promise he made to his daughter Kelly about helping him get out. However Tippin sees it in a different light, comparing his situation to McNeil's before his wife was killed. Wouldn't McNeil want to go back and change what happened poses Tippin before finally exclaiming how sorry he is and leaving.
Vaughn is in his office about to go an important meeting, when officer Cohen from SciTech brings him important development regarding the Rambaldi document. What Vaughn sees shocks him so much that he feels like telling Sydney right away... the two meets at one of the usual clandestine locations. Vaughn explains that they managed to get the ink on the blank page to show up using the vial of liquid Cole was after in the SD-6 vault. (c.f. 1.13 "The Box, Conclusion") Vaughs obviously still freaked out by what he'd seen shows it to Sydney. On blank page next to some inscriptions by Rambaldi, Sydney could clearly a sketch of young woman (drawn 500 years ago) which looked just like her.
To be continued...

1.16 "The Prophecy"
Detailed summary
The Rambaldi manuscript Sydney copied for the CIA, falls into the hands of DSR (an off-shot of NSA) who takes special interests in Sydney because of a possible connection between her and a 500 years-old prophecy.

1.17 "Q & A"
Short summary
The FBI is detaining Sydney to question her regarding the possible connection between her and the mysterious Rambaldi prophecy.
Detailed summary

Thanks to a report filled by the DSR (cf. 1.16 "The Prophecy"), Sydney is now considered a treat to national security because of her connection to the mysterious Rambaldi prophecy. A FBI tribunal flew all the way from DC to interrogate her and determine what the next move is. The board is comprised of three persons, special officer Kendall, Mr. Baker and Ms. Dunn.

Kendall reiterates that Sydney is being charged under directive 81-A and the panel would very much like her cooperation. The young woman surmises that she has nothing to hide and offers to answer all their questions. Sydney deposes that she became an intelligence officer with the CIA because of her involvement with SD-6. The double agent recalls, for the benefit of the FBI (and newcomers), how she was recruited while she was still a fresh at college by a man who claimed to be affiliate with the US government and offered her a job as an office assistant in a corporate bank downtown, Credit Dauphine (cf. 1.01 "Truth Be Told"). That was the first phase, after Sydney was informed that was ready for the transition. Eight months of training, tests, and propaganda. The transition ended when Sydney was taken to sub-level six for the first time and introduced to SD-6 director Arvin Sloane.

While meeting together in secret, Vaughn and Jack convey their thoughts on the current Sydney' situation. Jack reveals that his FBI contacts don't have access to the case because it's classified Omega-17 and Vaughn confirms that CIA director Devlin hasn't been updated either. Vaughn is anxious to find out where Sydney is, Jack interjects that her current location is irrelevant, his biggest concern is that under directive 81-A the FBI could conceivably hold her in custody indefinitely.

In the improvised interrogation room, special officer Kendall continues to question the young woman regarding SD-6. Sydney reveals that her job consisted of desk work at first, and the after the first year she was already taking active part in reconnaissance missions all this time believing she was working for the CIA. Kendall sounds highly skeptical. The double agent reaffirms that, with the exception of a few high ranking officers, everyone in the Credit Dauphine building believe they are CIA. Traitorously, Kendall questions Sydney about the murder of her fiance Daniel Hecht (cf. 1.01 "Truth Be Told") and the glaring contradiction. How can Sydney accept that people who could plainly sanction the murder of an innocent civilian be affiliated with the US government? The young woman seems a bit hurt by the insinuation and quickly points out that after the dead of Danny she refused to return to SD-6. The agency perceived this as a betrayal and went after her. Mostly thanks to Sydney's conning and resourcefulness, and a little help from her father Jack Bristow the young woman managed to escape to safety. Later that evening, Jack revealed to her the truth about SD-6. Sydney emphasizes that this was the first time ever.

Back at the CIA office, Vaughn staples Weiss with something he said about Haladki earlier. Weiss had revealed that one of his friends used to see Haladki dine at Webster Rotanda. Vaughn has a sudden brainstorm, Haladki couldn't been allowed in the Rotanda unless he was ranking FBI officer. The intrepid agent then bursts into the bathroom to confront Haladki about his FBI connection. Haladki is being pretty much blunt about the whole issue and doesn't deny his former affiliation with the bureau. However, he categorically refuses to help with Sydney's case.

Meanwhile Sydney's interrogation continues to unravel. She reveals many details regarding the agency. First, according to Sydney, the alleged objective of SD-6 was to collect information and technologies which would benefit the supremacy of the US government. The prefix SD stands for "section disparu", a section that doesn't exist, an idea proposed by Alain Christophe (cf. 1.15 "Page 47") one of the founders of The Alliance. Kendall wants to know more. The Alliance Of Twelve, Sydney explains, acts like a board of directors. Most of them are former intelligence officers but a few are from the private sector. They are all wealthy men who started a company together whose sole purpose is to trade intelligence. Sydney gives a few examples of atrocities committed by The Alliance to forward their own agendas.

Sydney submits to the panel that, after what SD-6 did to Danny and what they wanted to do to her, she swore she would destroy them. In order to do just that, she first had to win back their confidence and to do that she stole something that Arvin Sloane wanted, a device built from designs by Milo Rambaldi. Once that was achieved, she went to see the CIA to signal her desire to become a double agent with the firm intention to thwarts SD-6. That's where Sydney meet her handler Michael Vaughn. It was Vaughn who made it clear to her what she was really up against. Kendall injects that, a few days later, it was revealed that her father Jack Bristow was a double agent too.

Kendall feels that it sounds pretty much senseless for a father to recruit his own daughter to work in that environment. Sydney points out that it wasn't Jack who made that call. Arvin Sloane was a friend of both her parents, it was his idea to bring her in. Kendall is intrigued as to why would Sloane go after her, Sydney says she has no idea (cf. 1.09 "Mea Culpa"). The intrusive FBI officer then begins to tackle at her father's loyalty. Sydney bursts into anger and flatly outlines that she was very much patient for putting up with all their implications that she is not to be trusted but she will not stand by while her father is being attacked. The panel simply ignores her and decide on a recess. Sydney is left alone, balled and chained and in winks of total silence with no other choice than to ponder her fate.

While reviewing the CIA's translation of the Rambaldi prophecy, in presence of Agent Weiss, Vaughn stumbles across a passage that peaks his curiosity. He quickly convenes a meeting with Jack to discuss the matter. Vaughn poses that if the FBI is to take the prophecy seriously then each part of it must have equal veracity, he then presents Jack with what he believes is a key verse: "This woman will have had her effect never having seen the beauty of Mt. Sebacio". It is Vaughn's best hope that if Sydney could go to Italy and see Mt. Sebacio herself then this entire witch hunt would be brought to a halt. Jack agrees. Unfortunately, the FBI is not a cooperating mood. Jack concludes that the two of them will have to extract her and get her to Italy themselves. The burning question, Jack says, is how to find her. Vaughn points out that, a colleague of theirs, Steven Haladki still has ties to the FBI but he's not talking. Jack affirms that Haladki will talk to him.


As the inquisition continues to ponder Sydney, Kendall moves on to the topic of her mother Laura Bristow. Sydney reveals to the panel, that for most of her life, she believed that her mother was a literature professor at UCLA, a loving mother and an adoring wife. A few months ago, her world was shattered when she discovered Cyrillic codes in old books that her father had purchased for her mother (cf. 1.08 "Time Will Tell"). At the time, she blamed her father and believed he had collaborated with the KGB. However, as it turned out, the culprit was Sydney's mother (cf. 1.11 "The Confession"). The entire story was only revealed years later after mother was reported dead. One night, Laura was being pursued by an FBI counterintelligence officer, the roads were slippery and both cars went into the river. Kendall wants Sydney to explain how being a double agent works. The young woman recalls that typically every mission starts with something that SD-6 wants, Sloane outlines the mission objectives and Marshall reviews the tech. In turn, she details her mission on a brown paper bag and waits for the CIA to contact her. At which time, she receives her counter mission from her handler Michael Vaughn.

Outside the CIA office, Steven Haladki is about to unlock his car's door when Jack jumps him from behind and nails his head to the hood of the vehicle. The tall man then places a gun against the little weasel's head and sums him to listen carefully. Jack wants to know where the bureau is holding Sydney and when they plan to transfer her. Fearing for his life, Haladki gives away the location and the time. Before leaving, Jack threatens Haladki that if he ever mentions this conversation he'll never wear a hat again.


Officer Kendall wants to know how many people are aware of Sydney's double agent status. The young woman says that beside the CIA, only her father knows. Apparently, after what happened to Danny she felt it would be best for her to keep her mouth shut. Kendall poses that Sydney has a hard time keeping secrets. Sydney argues that it isn't the case, she is simply sick of lying to her friends and to be in a constant state of jet lag after traveling to far corners of the world for Arvin Sloane, a man that she wishes was dead. Sydney confirms that SD-6 keeps her busy. She also reveals that SD-6's current priority is Milo Rambaldi. Kendall wants to know if Sydney believes that Rambaldi was a prophet. The young woman simply deflects the question back, realizing that they're not about to let her go. Kendall calls it a day and Sydney is handcuffed, dragged by two FBI agents and prepared for transportation. As they approach the street, an unmarked silver van pulls over and three men with guns jump out. The masked individuals sum the FBI agents to get down and force Sydney to get into the vehicle with them. The van takes off. Moments later, her kidnapers reveal themselves as Vaughn, Weiss and Jack. Vaughn explains they intend to prove that the prophecy is not about her.


The van pulls into an opened garage where two more accomplices closes the door behind it. Everyone debarks. Jack and Vaughn explain to Sydney their plan to send her to Italy to thwart the prophecy and their concerns that FBI could have keep her in custody long enough to blow her cover at SD-6. The young woman, still very much emotional, argues that the FBI might have let her go and their actions only proves that she guilty of something. Jack counters that it was her options were either to get kill by SD-6 or to take a risk to protect her cover. Once Sydney is safely on Mt. Sebacio, Jack explains that, he plans to inform all agencies of their actions and that she'll no longer be suspect. Vaughn prompts the young woman to get in the trunk of his car.

Meanwhile Steven Haladki places a phone call to a man, he reefers to as only Alan and explain to him that he gave Jack Bristow information regarding Sydney's transfer times. Haladki seems a bit shocked to learn that Sydney has already been freed. The jerk immediately begins to verify the inventory of CIA-owned vehicles, drafts a list of cars that were taken out today and provides to his contact both makes and license plates. Still in the trunk, Sydney has switched disguises and is now completed unrecognizable. Vaughn parks his car near another stationed vehicle and let Sydney out. He then instructs the young woman to drive this new car to Dozer Field and board the jet waiting to take her to Italy.

Sydney is driving the car, when a police vehicle passes next to her. The young woman tries to hide herself, but since the cops make a double back and chases after her. Sydney accelerates. Within a few minutes, there are four police cars hunting her down. The double agent heads for the ducks. The police vehicles immobilize around her cutting off all possibilities of a retreat where she find herself trap. Sydney stops her car, takes off her sunglasses and looks around. After a moment of hesitation, Sydney rolls her car out at maximum speed and heads for the water. The police officers chase after her but, too late, they become powerless witnesses to a sinking car.

As Sydney's vehicle begins to fill with water, she takes a deep breath before swimming out. Using air from the tires she sustains herself. Eventually the police gives up and assumes that their pray dead. Hours later, Sydney calls her father from a pay phone. Jack rushes out to meet with her. The intrepid young woman explains to Jack what she did and speculates that her mother might have done the same thing. Sydney is more than ever convinced that her mother is alive.

To be continued...

1.18 "Masquerade"
Short summary
Sydney's quest for her mother leads her into a chance encounter with an old lover (Noah Hicks played by Peter Berg) when a compromised mission takes a turn for the worse. A mysterious return ticket found in one of Sydney's overcoats causes Will and Francie to suspect that their friend is withholding secrets from them.
Detailed summary

To comply with a 500-years old prophecy, Sydney goes to Italy and climbs Mt. Sebacio thus proving that she isn't the woman that Rambaldi was talking about in the manuscript (cf. 1.16 "The Prophecy"). The intrepid double agent then notified the FBI, to turn herself in, gambling they'll acknowledge the ridicule of their own witch hunt. Later back in Los Angeles, she meets with her father who confirms that the FBI are now focusing their investigation on Sydney's mother, Laura Bristow. Unbeknown to Sydney until now, Jack reveals that, the CIA knew that Laura has survived the accident (cf. ). Her father only learned of this early this week, after he illegally broke into Langley's classified and retrieved the file on Sydney's mother. According to the file, an internal commission was formed after the accident to assess the damage Laura had done to US intelligence. Sydney wants to seek out what happened to her becomes disappointed that her burning desire to find her mother is not echoed by Jack, who aggressively tries to discourage her from reestablishing contact.

Troubled, Sydney finds herself unable to sleep that night and passes a call onto her handler and fellow Michael Vaughn. He politely reminds her of his bias against Laura (cf. 1.11 "The Confession") but claims that he understands and that he would like to help. However since the FBI has classified all records regarding Sydney's mother Omega-17 (cf. 1.17 "Q & A"), there isn't anything the young man can do. Desperate for answers, the resourceful woman turns to the one person in this world that she most despise Arvin Sloane. She drives up to his mansion to talk to him. Sloane who hasn't seen Sydney in many days, feels that she had been avoiding him. Sydney pretends that it was none of sort, she just needed time to deal with the recent news about her mother.

Sloane queries Sydney regarding what she remembers about the year after her mother was reported dead. The young woman says that she felt disconnected from everything and that her father was away for most of that year. Sloane says this is incorrect, according to him, Jack spent six month in solitary in a federal prison because he was suspected of being in collusion with Laura. Jack was eventually cleared but the trauma left unhealed scars. The man began to drink and to take unnecessary risks. Interestingly enough SD-6 director Arvin Sloane, who was CIA at the time, took active part in the investigation regarding Laura's activities but, even after all these years, never glimpsed a word of it to either Jack or Sydney. Sloane claims he was just following orders from the DCI (department of counterintelligence ?). The young woman strongly pushes that she wants to suspend herself from active duty until she finds out what became of her mother. While Sloane first argues that he can't just her run off on a rogue mission that could compromise the agency, he nevertheless gives-in to her persistence and finally agrees to help her.

The following morning, Sydney is having breakfast at her house with her two best friends Will Tippin and Francie. Francie notices the huge bruise on Sydney's arm that the young woman acquired when she was climbing Mt. Sebacio earlier this week. Sydney dismisses it and claims that it happened in the airplane.

Later in the Credit Dauphine building, Sloane reviews the latest update on Alexander Khasinau, the person that was until just recently always referred to as The Man (cf. 1.12 "The Box, Part One", 1.14 "The Coup" and 1.16 "The Prophecy"). Jack says that Khasinau has just converted 250 million dollars into cash and SD-6 endeavors to find out what he is spending that money on. The agency has just receive a priority one message from a deep cover agent in the Russian embassy in Vienna indicating that he has encoded onto a microchip evidence of Khasinau's recent transactions. SD-6 plans to send Sydney and Dixon there to retrieve the intel while the embassy is withholding it's annual Maslyanitsa celebration. The young woman is not pleased.

Sydney follows Sloane into his office to protest. She want to find her mother and warns that won't be able to focus until she had. Sloane interjects that Khasinau is now the agency's top priority and he will become hers as well. The elderly man adds that when Khasinau was first identified as The Man, he recalled his name from the investigation on Sydney's mother. As it turns out, Khasinau was Laura' superior during his days at the KGB. This is the only clue Sloane can offer the young woman, he sums that the more information the agency can get on Khasinau the closer she'll get to her mother.

Jack saw Sydney leave Sloane's office. He is concerned that she went there to ask for his help and warns his daughter against requesting favors from Sloane. Sydney drops the bombshell regarding Khasinau. While Sydney is en route for Vienna, Jack bursts into Sloane's office furious that he encouraged Sydney to pursue her mother without consulting him. Sloane points out that Sydney is a grown woman, that she didn't need their blessings.

At the embassy in Vienna, Sydney and Dixon are disguises apropos for the ballroom reception and they mix with the other guests. Sydney soon enables her earring to emit an infrared pulse that will be only visible to the naked eyes, the agent she's meeting will be wearing IRC-capable contacts and this is how he'll id her. Shortly after, a man approaches swiftly and asks Dixon if he can take over. As the two begin to dance, the agent who claims to be Wexler's partner informs Sydney that Wexler is dead and that it's only a matter of time until his cover is blown too. Sydney informs Dixon of the latest complications and that two of them are going for the microchip.

As they're about to enter a restricted area, Sydney and the other agent take their masks off, only to realize that they know one another. Wexler's partner is none other than Noah Hicks. Sydney is in shock. Two embassy guards comes into the room to apprehend them. The young woman kisses Hicks. As the two men move in closer and unsuspecting, Sydney and Noah kick the hell out of them.


The other agent leads Sydney to the embassy' storage room where they find the frozen carcass of Wexler. Noah Hicks poses that since the ambassador didn't know he had the chip, he must have stashed it somewhere. Sydney believes that Wexler could simply have swallowed it. Without the faintest of hesitation, Noah cuts the man' stomach open with his swish knife. After surveying it carefully he concludes that it's not there. Sydney suggests that it could be in the sarcophagus. Noah repeats the operation, only this time there are complications, prompting Sydney to give him a hand.

After successfully recovering the microchip, the two agents make their way out through the ballroom. Noticing the security guards rushing after them, Noah cuts the rope holding the air balloons in the air. Panic ensues and the two of them exploit the resulting chaos to escape to safety.

Safely on the plane, Dixon warns Sydney that she ought to not get too friendly with Noah, until he goes through debriefing. The young woman assures him that this it happened five years ago, it's ancient history now. Noah asks Dixon if we would mind switching places with him, Dixon says no and goes for a walk. The two lovers then exchanged thoughts and clear out the air about the misunderstanding that ended their relationship.

Back at the Credit Dauphine building. Sloane is furious and accuses Sydney of having squandered a five-year investment by retrieving agent Hicks. Noah comes to her defense, offering that it wasn't her fault and that if she hadn't gotten him out he would have died too. The bitter old man, orders Dixon to take Noah to see McCullough (cf. 1.01 "Truth Be Told"). Noah rides through the interrogation but many pauses and overtly vague responses suggest that he might be hiding something.


Sydney joins her CIA handler Michael Vaughn, in open daylight. The young man says that he read her debrief and that he is sorry about what happened in Vienna. Conspicuously, he inquires about Noah Hicks and the fact the Sydney had already mentioned him in the initial report she wrote when she joined the CIA. Sydney acknowledges that they meet during training and even dated for a while, though they kept their relationship under the radar. SD-6 discourages fraternizing between agents, she explains. Which is also true about the CIA, points out Mr. Vaughn. Sydney is about to leave when Vaughn mentions that Kretchmer left two messages for Jack but hasn't received a reply. The overzealous handler is worried about him.

In a lightheaded bar of Los Angeles, Jack Bristow is wasting away on barstool drinking scotch. It's five in the afternoon and Sydney is obviously worried about him. She feels Jack should talk to someone, since she knows that he will probably ignore her advice she took it upon herself to notify Devlin. As it now stands, the young woman was here to rely an order to Jack requesting that he visit a counselor for trauma evaluation.

Will and Francie are about to go out to the Kaplan Award (cf. "Page 47") when, as bad luck would strike, Francie cannot find her jacket. She decides to borrow one of Sydney's only to discover in one of the pockets a return ticket from Italy dated last week. Francie asks Will, if she wasn't mistaken that Sydney said she went to Seattle (cf. "The Prophecy"). Two are left to ponder the question as to why would their friend lie to them like that.

In the SD-6 conference room, Sloane shows the people present (Sydney, Dixon, Noah and Marshall) a schematic of Westbury 23 supercomputer and explains that Khasinau. These that machine are ideal for theoretical engineering designs. One of those supercomputer is located in Arkhangelsk. Considering the level of security surrounding the facility where the data core is being kept, Sloane further speculate that Khasinau could be using it as his primary archive. Sydney and Noah are assigned on this mission. Dixon seems disappointed to be left behind. [...]

Noah and Sydney are walking down a path through the woods in Arkhangelsk, near Khasinau's base when there are intercepted by private security guards affiliated with Khasinau. There are taken to the command post for questioning. Noah suggests that they garner the film and give Sydney her camera. As the two men pick the camera open, a short burst of light knocks both of them unconscious. The young woman and her companion then take the elevator to the lower levels of the compound.

As they arrive in the control room that gives access to where the computer core is being kept, Noah holds the lab technician hostage with a gun while Sydney makes a search in the database for both Laura Bristow and her alias Irina Derevko. She finds a match. The intrepid agent then proceed in the adjacent room, which is kept in a regulated subzero temperature, wearing an isolating suit. Once inside she uses mechanize arm to get the core out of the pool of liquefied gas and places into an isolation box for transportation. At that time, another guards arrives at the command post above and sounds as he notices that his two colleague are unconscious. Taking advantage of a moment of distraction from Noah, the technician plots something into the computer terminal before Noah knocks him out. However the commands have activated the arm which strikes Sydney from behind. She fell on the floor, her helmet cracked open. The poor woman implores Noah to hurry as skin begin to freeze. He shoots repeatedly at the first and second layer of glass that isolates the room, finally after much effort Noah finally gets to Sydney. The young man drags her out and begins to do some mouth to mouth. Sydney regains consciousness. The guard shows up and Noah beats the hell out of him. The two secret agents ride the elevator back to the upper most level.

Noah and Sydney are at the safe house a few miles away. Their extraction is still six hours, Sydney begins to complain that it would be good to start a fire in the fire place. Noah interjects that this would not be wise because there is a chopper making rounds, if it's thermal equipped it could pickup the heat signature. Noah who notices Sydney querying the database earlier, wonders what the young woman was looking for. Sydney explains that she was searching for information on her mother and will tell him more when feels more comfortable with him. The bad boy begins to kiss her and she kisses him back. They start to get undressed.

To be continued...

1.19 "Snowman"
Short summary
Sydney's romantic involvement with Noah Hicks turns bumpy when he asks her to leave SD-6 with him. Meanwhile Vaughn learns that a prestigious assassin, The Snowman, has been hired to find and kill Alexander Khasinau. Sydney decides to part from the CIA to search for her long lost mother, Laura Bristow a former KGB operative.
Detailed summary

Sydney Bristow is sleeping peacefully, naked, on the safe house floor when she's awaken by her lover (cf. 1.18 "Masquerade") and fellow agent Noah Hicks. He pull his hand over her mouth and signal to the young woman that it's time to go. Sydney and Noah discreetly escape through a trapdoor, just moments before Khasinau's men come in firing with automatic machine guns. The two emerge on the other side of the secret passage, all dressed up, inside a nearby barn. Sydney notified the recovery detail to get ready to pick them up thirty minutes earlier than plan.

As Sydney and Noah are on a motorcycle ready to make an exit when an hostile shows up. Noah swiftly guns him down. The two ride out, Khasinau's men hops into a Hummer and the chase begins. Realizing that they won't make it to the meeting point, Sydney instructs their pickup to extract them here now. With the enemy vehicle in front of them, Sydney and Noah make a 180' turn. The young woman then activates a contraption that hisses itself into the air and is caught by the SD-6 recovery plane. The two agents are raised up and carried to safety. Their motorcycles continues riding by itself until it crashes into the Hummer and blows it to bits.

After the mission, Sydney met in secret with Vaughn where the young man explains that The CIA has a new lead on Khasinau. Apparently K-Directorate is also looking for vengeance and they've hired a fairly prestigious for the job: The Snowman. Vaughn thinks that following The Snowman might help them find Khasinau, he nonetheless emphasis that he wants to make sure that Sydney gets to him first since it means so much to her. Out of curiosity, Vaughn inquires if the operation in Arkhangelsk with Noah went all right. Sydney says yeah and leaves. Vaughn looks as insecure as ever.

At Sydney's place, Will Tippin and Francie are discussing how to bring out the subject of the mysterious return ticket they found in one of Sydney's jackets last week (cf. 1.18 "Masquerade"). Both of them are wondering why the ticket said Italy while Sydney claimed she was on a business trip to Seattle. Tippin proposes to simply ask Sydney about it, although he's not sure how. He'd like to approach this gently. The two become quiet as Sydney enters the house. Francie takes the lead and ask how her trip to San Francisco went. Sydney replied that it was two day of due diligence, before heading straight to bed.

The following morning at the Credit Dauphine building. Noah claims that while he was on station in Russia that he skimmed the mob and stashed large amounts of money in offshore bank accounts. He knows someone, he's planning to leave SD-6 and he wants Sydney to come with him. Sydney says that she can't for a about a million reasons, the biggest one that comes to mind is her mother. Sydney reveals to Noah that her mother was spy for the KGB serving under Alexander Khasinau. The young woman is hopeful that the files they recovered would help her find her mother and makes it clear that she's not planing on going anywhere until she's found her. "If I wait, will you ever do it?", asks Noah. Sydney simply smiles back. Sloane is in his office and reading the follow up on Noah hicks that he request. The elderly man seems very much intrigued with what he sees and asks for McCullough to see him before ordering that Noah be confined to the building.

Sydney goes to see her father in his office and asks about to know about the progress that was made on the computer core she recovered from Khasinau last week (cf. 1.18 "Masquerade"). Jack complains the mission was a waste of time and if he had been consulted about the operation he wouldn't have allowed it. Sydney noticed that there were files on her mother while she was browsing the database at the site. Jack confirms the did found video footage mostly that shows Laura Bristow alive after the accident. Analysis is reviewing it and so far, he explains, nothing useful has come up.

Two agents come to take Noah to see McCullough. During the interrogation than ensues, the young man is asked several questions about of the suspicious bank accounts he's opened during his five year deep cover assignment. In his office Sloane, who has reviewed the debrief, finds Hicks' demeanors strange and remain convinced the young man is hiding something.

Agent Sydney Bristow is reviewing the footage of a debrief, her mother, Laura Bristow (a.k.a. Irina Derevko) did before two KGB officers, one of which was her superior Alexander Khasinau. According to her testimony she was to pass herself off as a student of literature, to insinuate her into the life of particular officer of the CIA Jonathan Donahue Bristow (Jack Bristow), to become his confident and earn his trust, and finally to acquire through various means information about the project to which Bristow was assigned, project Christmas. At one point, the second officer turns around to the camera and Sydney has a shocking recollection. This man is the Calder, the FBI agent who supposedly died in the accident with her mother (cf. ). Sydney quickly searched the SD-6 database only to confirm her suspicion, Calder's real name is Igor Sergei Velanko. A known KGB officer.

In an isolated location, Sydney meets with her father to confer him the news. Sydney is convinced that Calder still has tied with Khasinau. Sydney recalls that a memo authorizing the liquidation of over 200 millions in Khasinau's assets baring the initial I.S.V. Also, last year, a man matching Calder's description was caught by a SD-4 surveillance camera entering a financial officer in Capetown also dubbed as a known money laundering operation. The young woman wants to propose to Sloane to seize the records at Capetown, find Calder and hopes to enroll Noah for the operation. Jack points out that Noah has been taken into custody by security section and is suspected of treason. Sydney believes Noah is innocent and makes a passionate plea to Jack to intervene on behalf of Noah.

Vaughn is in Bogota to see Kishell, a man who was attacked by The Snowman but miraculously survived the experience. Kishell reveals that he used to be an associated of The Snowman and helped him cross difficult borders. One night, the operation turned sore, The Snowman was ambushed but nonetheless killed off eight men before escaping. According to Kishell, that's when The Snowman became convinced that he has betrayed him, that he came here and sadistically tortured him. For years, Kishell remained afraid. He knows people who still have ties to The Snowman and nowadays he's willing to help Vaughn to find the Snowman if only Vaughn promises The Snowman is going to suffer too.

Shortly after talking to his seriously ill wife (cf. 1.15 "Page 47"), Sloane barely has enough time to wipe a tear off his eyes when Jack bursts in his office to see him. Jack poses that Noah is an asset and that Sloane would be unwise to have him killed. Sloane is intrigued. Jack explains that they've just discovered hat Calder was KGB as far back as 1973, he's the missing link to Khasinau and Sydney has already designed mission to find him. Of course, Sloane had already figured that the young woman has elected to get Noah involved in the operation and certainly sees a pattern emerging. First Jack asked him to give special considerations to Will Tippin (cf. 1.08 "Till Will Tell") and now to Noah Hicks. Jack is swift to point out that Tippin didn't turn out to be a problem. Sloane argues that the one fundamental difference between the two, Sydney wasn't intimate with Tippin. To forgo the argument, Mr. Bristow kindly reminded Sloane that Sydney's personal life is none of his business.

Later that day, Noah has been freed from custody and is talking to Marshall in optech. Sydney is happy, she smiles warmly at Jack, before joining her lover. Something magic was in air. Even the following briefing felt different, Sydney, Noah and Jack were sitting down while Sloane moved around the room to hand them in person their copies of the mission profile.

At their usual clandestine spot, Vaughn meets Sydney again but this time the newly promoted senior agent is particularly angry that she had kept certain details from him. Sydney said that she couldn't tell him about Calder because, if she had, he would have been required to hand that information over to the FBI. It would have gotten classified Omega-17 and neither of them would have had access to it. Sydney promises that Khasinau will not walk and that she will also make sure that SD-6 doesn't get to him first but she refuses to let the FBI get in her way again (cf. 1.17 "Q & A").

Noah uses tranquilizer darts to take down two security guards. He and Sydney then pierce the Capetown office. Hanging from high above, they endeavor to avoid the motion detectors placed on floor while the active noise control armbands provided by Marshall shield them from the audio sensor. After being securely attached, Sydney is pulled down until she's close enough to maneuvers a remote modem within three feet of the server. Noah is sitting on front of his laptop focused on monitoring the transfers in progress and fails to realize that the rope holding Sydney is loosing up. The young woman cries out for help but he can't hear her. Fortunately, the download completes just in time for Noah to hold the role back with all his strength long enough for Sydney to climb back up.

Jack finally got around to watch the video of his wife's KGB brief and becomes particularly heart broken to hear her talk about the various means she used to steel intelligence from him. However the biggest blow came from the way she coldly refereed to him as a fool for not noticing what she was up to for more than ten years.

Still in shock, the double agent heads for the CIA office and goes to Dr. Barnett (cf. 1.18 "Masquarade") to ask the psychiatrist if she's available to see him this afternoon. Barnett says that she'll make time.

Back at her house, Sydney is served by the curiosity of her two friends Will Tippin and Francie. They finally get around confront the young woman about her mysterious trip to Italy. Sydney simply sits down and endows to make this sound as if it was no big deal. She makes up some story about her having to handle all many international clients that don't want their business to go through the postal service, hence the reason why she has to fly to them. The young woman says she's sorry that she had to lie to them but she had to keep all of this secret. Her groupies buy the story and Sydney retires all alone in her room to shallow the pain.

The following day, Sydney visits Marshall in his office at Credit Dauphine. She learns that there were no files recovered from Noah's laptop, Marshall speculates the hard drive got toasted by a burst of EMF when she exited the computer room. Moments later, the double agent shares her frustration with her lover in the briefing room moments before Sloane enters the room. This is when she learns that Noah has volunteered for another deep cover assignment.

Later, the young woman confronts Noah about his prospect for the future. As she suspected, Noah is planning to use this mission as the perfect opportunity to disappear. He says that his contact feels the time is right and invites the young woman to come with him. Sydney explains that she would like to go but has personal reasons for staying. Noah simply hands her a ticket and bows to her to be on the plane. Her lover leaves, Sydney still pondering her faith.

Meanwhile at Credit Dauphine, Marshall has managed to retrieve information from the damaged hard drive using advanced data recovery technique and is all excited to tell Sloane.

At a SD-6 meeting with Sydney, Dixon and Marshall Sloane explains, that thanks to Marshall, they now have the location of Calder. This is a simple daytime snatch operation, they'll grab Calder at his house and take him back to SD-6 for questioning. After the other leave, Sloane seizes the opportunity to remind Sydney that he kept his promise, brought her closer to her mother and that he has always been there for her.

Sydney is at her house, looking at the ticket Noah gave her, pondering a difficult choice when her lover calls. He's asks if there is any news on the Snowman. Sydney says no. The young man hangs out concluding that this isn't goodbye. Seconds later, she receives another call. This is one is a "Joey's Pizza" signal that prompts the young woman to head out to one of the usual clandestine spots. Once there Vaughn reminds her that Devlin knows about her mission to Mackay and that she will be expected to produce a full report. The double agent is unresponsive, prompting Vaughn to inquire if something is wrong. She says that she's all right and leaves.

While Sydney and Dixon are in Mackay, Australia Vaughn receives a phone call from Kishell indicating that he has news about The Snowman. Apparently, the notorious assassin has gotten word of Calder and is going after him. Vaughn wants to contact Sydney and put out a warning but he has no way of contacting her. Meanwhile, Sydney enters the mansion to realize that not only has The Snowman beaten her to the punched but he's jammed all radio communication. In effect, Sydney is all alone in there along side the three dead bodyguards. After she hearing noises, the young woman heads for the kitchen when she discovers The Snowman finishing up his job on Calder.

Swiftly she attacks the freelance assassin with everything she has, a fight ensue using a assortment of kitchen tools such as knives and frying pans. Eventually he gains the advantage nailing her by the throat on a table with a cheese cutter. Seizing the momentum, The Snowman pushes even harder and Sydney lets loose of the knife that she's holding. He grab it and maneuvers it into a striking position. Desperate the young woman delivers two kicks, one in the lower region and another to the head. The Snowman falls on the floor stabbed by his own knife. As the once menacing man begins to groan, Sydney approaches and removes the hood. She only then realizes that it was Noah Hicks. The double agent becomes all in shambles as the man dies in her arms. Moments later, Dixon arrives only to contemplate the tragedy.

To be continued...

1.20 "The Solution"
Short summary
Will Tippin's mysterious source leaks the identity of his kidnapper (cf. 1.15 "Page 47"). Emily reveals what she knows about SD-6 to Sydney, making herself a target for annihilation. Meanwhile in the aftermath of having killed Noah Hicks (cf. 1.19 "Snowman"), Sydney asks Sloane for a week off that she plans to use to benefit her own quest for Khasinau. Things turn ugly when SD-6 learns of the clandestine meeting that Sydney and Vaughn have organized with Mr. Sark (cf. 1.14 "The Coup").
Detailed summary
During their most recent clandestine meeting, Sydney explains to her CIA handler Michael Vaughn how she finds herself all in shambles over having killed her lover Noah Hicks (cf. 1.19 "Snowman"). To comfort her, Vaughn emphasizes that Hicks was a bad guy and if she hadn't killed him he probably would have killed her. The young woman realizes this but she's also torn up inside. The pain just won't go away. Sydney has a hard time dealing with the reality of covert intelligence: never knowing who to trust, to learn to expect betrayal and to plot in secret. For the first time, she admits that she didn't get into this for a noble cause but to avenge the murder of her fiance. Vaughn pushes that their mission to bring down SD-6 is progressing, to illustrate his point he shows Sydney the map of SD-6 we have seen before (cf. 1.02 "So It Begins") and then overlays a plastic sheet with red marks on it. Those little circles show branches of SD-6 that were neutralized and Vaughn further emphasizes that the overall picture doesn't even take into account all of her accomplishments. Sydney still wonders about Khasinau and her mother -- they're both out there somewhere she concludes. Vaughn hands her some ice to put on the bruise she's garnered while training before she exits the blood donor van and return to class.

Meanwhile at Sydney's. Her roommate Francie complains about rats. Will Tippin wants go out and buy traps but Francie insists that they need to a professional to do the job. That's when Will receives a call on his cell phone, it's his mysterious source again with whom he hasn't had any contact in a long while (cf. 1.12 "The Box, Part One"). Deep Throat sounds disappointed that Tippin hasn't published his story on SD-6 yet. Tippin walks away from Francie before arguing with the strange voice that he was kidnapped and his friends and family were threatened. The caller reassures him that this was just a bluff but Tippin remains skeptical. That's when Deep Throat reveals the identity of the kidnapper, it was Jack Bristow he says before hanging up. Leaving Tippin to ponder the question. (cf. 1.15 "Page 47")

Sydney returns home after an exhausting day at school, only to be told by Francie that the house is infested with rats. The exterminator is scheduled to come tomorrow. Since both Sydney and Francie have to work, it's left to Will to attend to it. That's about the time when Francie makes a comment about how smart rats are and that in order to bait them you shouldn't use cheese but rather leave out the good stuff.

The sudden spark leads Sydney to meet up with Vaughn to detail her plan to dig out Khasinau. The young woman explains that they can make him come to them using the Rambaldi solution as the bait (cf. 1.13 "The Box, Conclusion"). Vaughn points out that CIA has the vial but Khasinau still believes that it's in the possession of SD-6. Sydney argues that isn't a problem since all they need do is to start spreading rumors in the intelligence world about a second vial and then perpetrate a robbery in an art museum in Algiers, believed to contain Rambaldi artifacts, to lend some credibility to the story. In the aftermath, Sydney and Vaughn would then offer to sell Khasinau the vial through a third party.

Back at Sydney's house, Will Tippin apparently tired of waiting for the rat exterminator to come, calls the operator to get the number for Druzinsky's Pest Control. While searching for a pen, he opens a nearby drawer to find one. That's when the exterminator comes knocking at the door. Will hangs up the phone and goes to answers the doorbell. He then shows the rat exterminator around Sydney's house. While Tippin is being asked background information by the man regarding the situation, Tippin looks more carefully at the drawer he left open. That where Tippin finds a photo of Jack Bristow, quickly the quirky journalist pulls out a piece of cellophane that he overlays on the image and then darkens out everything except for the eyes. Almost immediately Tippin has a recollection of his kidnapping and finds himself shocked to realize that Jack is indeed the kidnaper (cf. 1.15 "Page 47").

Sydney stops by the SD-6 hospital (cf. 1.09 "Mea Culpa") to see her good friend Emily Sloane (cf. 1.15 "Page 47") who is seriously ill. Emily wants Sydney to tell her something happy and the only thing Sydney can come up with is her week off from work. That's when Emily offers her a piece of advice, she insists that Sydney shouldn't lose perspective and remember that friends and family are what matters. In the end, work won't seem that important Emily poses... even Sydney's job at SD-6. Sydney is surprised that Emily would know about it. The older woman explains that over the years, she overheard things and saw signs that her husband, Arvin Sloane, never really left the intelligence world. Unfortunately for her, in the control room of the hospital, someone has been monitoring their conversation and immediately files a report on it.

Apparently still in shock over what she just heard, Sydney immediately goes back to Credit Dauphine, to confer about her experience with her father Jack Bristow. Jack coldly enters that it's too late, The Alliance already knows. He then reminds Sydney of the agency's golden directive: Information about this agency must be treated like a virus, there is only one response to a virus... containment. According to Jack, the head of Alliance security is set to meet with Sloane, a final decision will be reached then, that's Emily's only chance for survival.

Sydney and Vaughn are in Algeria posing as representatives for an assurance company offering to lower the premium of the museum. Playing on the willingness of the administration to let them test the security system, the duo makes their way into the building. The two are set to split up, Vaughn handles the shutdown from the control room while Sydney will get to the valuables through the ventilation system. Vaughn then activates an RF scrambler that disables the security cameras as Sydney takes down her escort and reaches the ventilation panel leading to the prize.

Once Sydney is exactly sixity-seven feet below the surface, she kicks her way into the room containing the vault on E-Level. Using a device provided by Vaughn, Sydney forces it open and swiftly walks toward the collection. She then begins pouring works of art into her bag. Everything goes smoothly until the museum's president walks into the control room and orders the power back on. Vaughn objects but his abrupt little scene prompts the already edgy man to have him and Sydney kicked out of the building. Meanwhile when the ventilation system is brought back online, the rope that Sydney used to escalate the shaft gets tangled into the vent itself pulling her ever toward the upper end. Sydney manages to grab a hold of the exterior contour and fortunately make her way to the exit. The two then meet back at the reception area just seconds before the alarm go off.

At the newspaper office in Los Angeles, Will Tippin raises the volume on Abby's (cf. 1.15 "Page 47") radio while he whispers something to her. Minutes later, the two are outside talking. Will explains that he can't give her more details and hands her a sealed envelope containing his story on SD-6. He warns her not to open it and makes her promise that she'll publish it if something happens to him.

Tippin parks his vehicle near the Credit Dauphine building and waits for Jack to leave work. Tippin then follows him to a bar where he finds Jack wasting away on a barstool. The intrepid journalist sits next to him and asks for a beer before confronting the austere man about his kidnapping. When Jack denies everything, Tippin warns that he's written a story that no-one has seen yet but if he was to die that story would get published. The whole venture has been very upsetting for Tippin, he wanted to abandon the story many times before but his mysterious source hasn't given him this luxury. The young man presses Jack to convince him that he puts Sydney's interests first. Jack replies that his concern for Sydney isn't for Tippin to judge. Nonetheless, still desperate for answers, Tippin offers Jack a deal, he will help Jack track down the source, if in turn, Jack puts a stop to what is going on.
Next Jack heads to Devlin's house where he exposes, to the CIA director, the delicate situation. Jack fears that they might be dealing with a whistle blower well placed within the agency and with access to files tagged Omega 17. He suggests that it could be Steven Haladki. At that point, Devlin becomes hostile noting that Haladki has already filled a complaint against Jack for allegedly holding him at gun point. Jack doesn't deny this and even bluntly adds that he then used the information he extracted from Haladki to hold other FBI agents at gun point to save his daughter from a witch hunt (cf. 1.17 "Q & A"). Devlin feels that this behavior is unacceptable and orders him to stop. He even further threatens Jack that if he ever acts off book again, he's going to get fired. Coldly Devlin then closes the door on Jack, leaving Jack to ponder all alone under the night.

Sydney is home with her roommate Francie. Francie is about to send Tippin a thank you card for baby-sitting their rodents and wonders what to write. Unexpectedly, Sydney drops that she had sex with someone. At first, Francie thinks has this to be a joke. Noticing that Sydney is serious about it, Francie inquires to know more. It was Noah Hicks. (cf. 1.18 "Masquerade"). The intrepid young woman claims that it happened during a business trip but that their relationship is now over. Her best friend isn't surprised and further she surmises that Noah was never good for Sydney. Realizing this might have come out harshly and considering that Sydney looks depressed, Francie promises to be nice to Noah if he ever calls again.

In the meantime back at Credit Dauphine, Sloane goes to see Marshall in op tech about running a check on their last bioscan of Edward Poole (cf. 1.16 "The Prophecy"). Marshall reveals that the last time Poole came to SD-6, he was carrying two phones. Sloane asks him to look into this, he wants to know the numbers of both cell phones. A few moments later, inside Sloane's minimalist office, the head of Alliance Security is having a pep talk with Sloane regarding the fate of his wife. This is no longer an issue of confirmation, the time and date have been set. The shallow man goes as far as to imply that ever since Sloane disregarded Alliance policies and pursued Khasinau, his loyalty is now in question and, he may have to let go of his wife to prove that his priorities are in order.

Will Tippin is at his desk at the newspaper office when he receives a note from Jack asking for a meet in an isolated location. Once there, Jack finally reveals to Tippin that he works in the field of intelligence and dictates that Tippin is never to contact him. The intrepid journalist is dying for answers but Jack is intransigent and pushes that to kick-start their collaboration Tippin must lead him to the source first. Tippin mentions that he can contact his source via a bug he found on Eloise Kurtz, Jack lets slip that he was the one who planted the device on Kurtz. It's at that point that Tippin becomes horrified at the thought that Jack was the one who hired Kurtz to play Kate Jones and consequently terminated her when she said too much. Jack tries to reassure the panicked journalist that he didn't kill Kurtz and presses Tippin to focus. The austere man then demanded that Tippin contact his source to confirm that he's back on the story and further implies that if Tippin doesn't collaborate with him that more people would die. "This meeting never took place", concludes Jack.

Things are really shaking up at Credit Dauphine as Sloane prepares to spearhead a briefing before Marshall and Dixon. Today's topic is Edward Poole's betrayal and consequent siding with Alexander Khasinau (cf. 1.16 "The Prophecy"). At the same time, somewhere across Los Angeles , a clandestine rendezvous is also taking place between Vaughn and Sydney. The two are satisfied with the latest news, as Vaughn just had confirmation via the deal broker that Khasinau has accepted their offer. The plan is to conduct the meeting posing as a representative of a splinter group of the Raslak jihad. Vaughn reveals that he's asked for a price of ten million, and gave the broker a sat phone and insisted on a specific time window for the negotiations. Sydney feels even more confident now and points out that since Jack disabled the SD-6 sat comm intercept, there is no way Sloane can learn of the transaction. They is just one hitch, Vaughn notes, Khasinau won't be attending in person he'll be sending Mr. Sark to represent him. Since both sides will be allowed to test each other's merchandise, Sydney will hand Sark the real solution but is expected to make a switch between the original vial and a duplicate containing colored water and a radioactive substance that the CIA can track via satellite.

Unbeknownst to Sydney, Marshall is happy to report to the SD-6 team that he has successfully established a wiretap on Poole's STU (secure telephone unit) after intercepting RF signal between Poole and the comm tower. All in all, round the clock surveillance led to the discovery of Khasinau's number. SD-6 then began to run a tap on him. Sloane reviews the content of the conversation SD-6 picked up this morning between Khasinau and Sark. According to the transcript, there is a second ampule identical to the one that McKenas Cole stole from the SD-6 vault (cf. 1.13 "The Box, Conclusion"). The details of the deal also reveal that both sides are allowed to have one principal and two backups in the market place. Sloane dictates that SD-6 will send four agents and that Dixon is authorized to use all necessary force.

While agents from both sides are on their way to Denpasar, all alone in his office, Tippin says out loud within range of Kurtz's bug that he's ready to continue his investigation into SD-6. Meanwhile Sloane pays a visit to his dying wife at the hospital. The two hug for a moment and Emily seizes the opportunity to tell him how proud she is of him.

DENPASAR. Nearby from the highest story of a building, Vaughn and a CIA sharp shooter stand watch as Sydney, disguised in traditional Muslim clothing, makes her way across the market place to meet with Sark. Apparently Sark has stuck to the plan. In front of the gate leading to the agreed upon meeting place, there are two guards. One is CIA and the other is an agent of Khasinau. Sydney is allowed pass the gate and into the compound. Sark and Sydney both meet face to face. The young man complains that while she can see him, he can't see her.

Therefore to prove that Sydney truly is who she says she is, Sark invites her to a dual using a traditional weapon of the ancient Kunta, the latajang. Ignoring objections from Vaughn, Sydney accepts the challenge. The two fight for a moment. Initially it seems that Sark has the advantage but as Sydney grows more comfortable with the latajang she proves to be more than an even match. Finally she gains the advantage and wins. Sark is satisfied and begins the trade. Sydney hands him a box containing the ampule while, in return, he provides her with the diamonds.

At that moment, Dixon shows up in the market place and heads toward the meeting point. Vaughn spots him from high above and warns Sydney. The SD-6 agents take down the two guards outside. Now Dixon and his team are just seconds away from Sydney. The young woman tries to pressure Sark, who is still testing the liquid, into hurrying up but that's already too late. Dixon gets inside. Sark hides the vial in his pocket. Dixon summed those present to hand over the ampule to him.

To be continued...

1.21 "Rendezvous"
Short summary
Sydney's quest for Khasinau plots her against her SD-6 partner, Marcus Dixon. Unbeknown to Sydney, Dixon is becoming increasingly suspicious of her. Meanwhile, Tippin's dealings with Jack lead to a deadly encounter with his mysterious source. Sloane desperately begs The Alliance to grant a reprieve to his wife Emily.
Detailed summary


DENPASAR. As Dixon was interrupting the meeting between Sydney Bristow and Mr. Sark (cf. 1.20 "The Solution"), Vaughn and the CIA sniper were moving in closer. As they both get within range, Vaughn throws a designer bomb in the fray and the sniper begins covering fire. Amidst the confusion, both Sydney and Sark have a chance to get away. The young woman warns Vaughn that she was unable to complete the switch and that Sark still has the real ampule. Her intrepid handler, Michael Vaughn, says he has it covered and instructs her to head for the extraction point.

A veiled Sydney immediately takes off, pursued by her SD-6 partner Marcus Dixon. Meanwhile Vaughn catches up to Sark and bangs him against a metal gate. Sark is unconscious, allowing Vaughn to recover the ampule. The young man then signals his partner Eric Weiss, who relays specific orders to him to the effect that he cannot leave Sark until he is secured for transport.

In the meantime, Dixon corners Sydney and orders her to surrender. Seizing the moment, Sydney utilizes the element of surprise to disarm Dixon and gain the advantage. She finally had the situation under control when Dixon took out a knife and wounded her right arm. Building on the momentum, Dixon pushed Sydney back, pickup his hand gun and holds her prisoner at point blank range. Vaughn, who left his post to go look for Sydney, hits Dixon from behind and urges the young woman to get moving. Just as Vaughn is returning to the spot where he left Sark, he finds his handcuff open but still attached to the gate. However there is no sign of Sark.

LOS ANGELES. Following up on guidelines from Jack Bristow, Will Tippin talks to Deep Throat. He informs his mysterious source that he knows about The Circumference and that he want a meeting. In return, Deep Throat offers to contact the young reporter again with instructions.

LONDON. Arvin Sloane is meeting with The Alliance's board of directors, to discuss important matters. Today's top agenda is the fate of his wife Emily. Sloane argues that Emily has lymphoma and doesn't have long to live. The risk that her limited knowledge of SD-6 represents is infinitesimal since she can be kept in an SD-6 hospital where information can be contained. (cf. 1.20 "The Solution"). Alain Christophe doesn't agree, he feels that the rule couldn't be clearer: people with unauthorized information regarding any SD cell must be eliminated. Sloane illustrate with a few examples that his contribution to The Alliance is remarkable.

Another member of the board, Ramon, interjects that Sloane's loyalty has always been unquestioned with the exception of one point, the assassination of their colleague Jean Briault (cf. 1.16 "The Prophecy"). Sloane suddenly realizes that The Alliance knew about Poole and his connection to Khasinau. Hence the reason why Poole isn't present at the meeting. Ramon acknowledges that they knew about Poole and how he manipulated Sloane to get Briault assassinated. Face with a breach of this magnitude, The Alliance has reevaluated it's position regarding peaceful coexistence with Khasinau. Christophe explains that while The Alliance is ready to go to war with Khasinau, they would rather want to wait until they know what he wants, how he works and with whom. Christophe sums that if Sloane brings them substantial intel, in exchange they promise to take his wife's considerations under advisement.

Sydney is just barely back to the Credit Dauphine building, that she meets with Dixon again. When asked by Dixon, where she spent her free time, the young woman simply pretended that she was in Palm Spring. Dixon is curious, as to why she went there all by herself. Sydney says that she asked Will Tippin and Francie, but neither of them where available. Dixon then informs her that SD-6 has pickup Khasinau's trail and apprehended Sark in Denpasar. After an awkward pause of a few seconds, Sydney affirms that she will need to read the op tech reports and catch up on what she's missed. Just as she's about to leave, Dixon tells her that he did miss her. Sydney smiles. Distracted for a moment, she bumps into another agent and bangs her fresh wound. The young woman tries to hide it, but nonetheless reveals obvious pain. Dixon picks up on it and becomes evidently more suspicious of her.


Jack goes to Sydney's to express his disagreement over the way the operation in Denpasar was handled. He feels that the young woman's quest for her mother (cf. 1.18 "Masquerade", 1.19 "Snowman") is clouding her judgment and that she shouldn't continue. At the moment, Jack fears that Sydney is all the more vulnerable since he hasn't been reinstate to active duty and Sloane is apparently still worried of him. Sydney concludes, on the fact, that Jack probably hasn't heard that Sark was captured by SD-6 either.

Back in SD-6's conversation room, Sloane is about to begin to interrogate Sark. Sloane explains that he's not in the mood for torture, that there has been enough torture lately. (cf. 1.12 "The Box, Part One", 1.13 "The Box, Conclusion"). However he is curious about Sark's employer Alexander Khasinau, he overtly bypasses the need to play games and bluntly admits that he needs Sark's help to find Khasinau. Sark asserts that he'd be more comfortable talking over a glass of wine.

At the CIA building, Weiss bursts into Vaughn's office. Agent Weiss is pissed off that he had to lie to protect Vaughn, accuses him of being in love with Sydney and reminds his partner of the oats they took to never cross the line. Vaughn says he doesn't know how to be Sydney's handler without making it personal. Weiss retorts that he needs to find a way.

In the interrogation room of SD-6, an officer brings in a bottle of wine. He pours wine into two glasses before leaving. Sark gloats that he was only half serious when he asked about the bottle of wine. He suspects that no matter what he might say, Sloane is going to kill him regardless. Sloane reiterates that Sark knows things, and the Khasinau trusts him. Sark doesn't deny this. The shallow old man begins to entice Sark with the wine, first he smells and then the tastes a small gulp of it. Obviously thirsty, Sark asks if he can drink too. Sloane demands that he agrees to lead SD-6 Khasinau first, Sark concurs.

Later, Sloane organizes a mission briefing for Sydney, Dixon and Marshall to inform them that Sark is cooperative young man whose loyalty to Khasinau seems to have disappeared the moment he was kidnap. Thus far, Sark has provided them with them with valuable information, that SD-6 has been able to verify by alternate means. According to the information provided, they know that Khasinau will be in a club in Paris that Khasinau owns. Sydney wants to know if the mission consists of an abduction. Sloane says no. According to Sark, Khasinau is expecting the ampule which he needs to read a Rambaldi document which is written in invisible ink. Sloane explains that Sark will be provided with a counterfeit ampule which he will pass on to Khasinau. Overall, the plan calls for Sydney and Dixon to go in, steel the page from Khasinau's office and replace it with a counterfeit.

Will Tippin stoops his vehicle under a bridge and meets with Jack Bristow. The intrepid journalist says that he is been contacted and that his source wants to meet. Mr. Bristow ask him to detail the arrangements. Tippin says that he is expected to be standing at a particular street corner. The agreed upon visual tell is that he will be reading the business section of local paper tomorrow night at 7:00pm, in Paris.


At one of their usual clandestine spot, Sydney meet with Vaughn. He informs her that the countermission consists of replacing the page that Dixon will take from the vault with a counterfeit. Sydney is mildly disappointed, she was hoping that to get a chance to grab Khasianau (cf. "Masquerade"). The young woman also notices that Vaughn isn't his usual self and asks to know what is going on. Following up on Weiss' advice, Vaughn simply tells her that everything is fine and abrupt the meeting quickly.

Meanwhile at the SD-6 hospital, Arvin Sloane is standing lone side his dying wife Emily (cf. "Page 47"). Emily says that she never could have gotten through this without him. However the old woman is troubled at the thought of own death and asks Sloane to promise her that she won't die in the hospital. Sloane concurs and reassures her the best that he won't let that happen.

PARIS. Sydney and Dixon have arrived at the club in Paris, masquerading as a replacement singer and her manager. Dixon is the first to submit to the metal detector. As the guard hovers the device on him, it squeals briefly. Dixon reveals the modified cell phone that is intended to receive the biometrics data and fool the identification system in Khasinau's office. The guard clears Dixon. Sydney wears a red wig. She's up next, her scan draws attention to her unusually large ring. The intrepid agent explains to the guard that it's her grandmother's. In fact, the ring is intended to record Khasinau's heartbeat signature.

Jack hands the young reporter a vial of methampethamine and instructs him to drink it. He explains that it will help to counteract the effects of sodium pentothal (truth serum). Tippin inquires if Jack really believes that they are likely to give him that. Jack affirms that it's what he would do. Tippin drinks the solution quickly, after which Jack verifies one last time if the young man has memorized his cover story. The young man doesn't address the question and instead laments about his fears that his source might intend in fact plan to kill him. Jack reassures him, the best that he can, that he wouldn't let Tippin do this if he thought the odds favored his murder.

Inside the club, Sark is meeting with Khasinau. After a brief hug, Sark hands the counterfeit ampule to Khasinau. To comply with the directive from Sloane to keep Khasinau at his table, Sark orders wine to celebrate his success. The two begin to drink as Sydney begins to sing on the stage. Swiftly she takes the microphone with her and dwindle toward the audience. The young woman moves right next to Khasinau and runs her hand along him and places the ring on top of his heart.

At the designated street corner, a man pours a gun in Tippin's back and sums him to board a van. The young man is taken inside and the vehicle takes off. Meanwhile Dixon has received the data and is heading for Khasinau's office. Once inside he knocks out the guard and cracks the safe using the biometrics information Sydney provided him. Dixon replaces the blank page with a counterfeit and returns the folder back in the safe.

In the meantime, one of Khasinau's men comes to deliver notice that they have the young man from Los Angeles. Khasinau signals to him to proceed. Sydney sees two of Khasinau's men pushing Tippin around. Without thinking, the young woman abruptly interrupts her performance and heads out to find him. Tippin is on a chair, being interrogate by two cronies. The lead interrogator injects Tippin with truth serum before asking him about The Circumference. The reporter repeats, what was told to say, that he heard about it from someone. The interrogator wants to know the name of the person, Tippin doesn't react. At that exact moment, Sydney comes bursting into room, beats the crap out of the two criminals and recovers the hand gun from one of them. A few moment later, Tippin, who is still under the effect of truth serum, finally gets around to look at her and he has a shock.

Sydney asks Tippin repeatedly about how got there, confused the young reporter seems unable to focus. Finally he got around to tell her that he was following a story. The young woman grabs Tippin by the hand and rushes him outside. On her way out, she notifies Dixon that she won't be about to meet him as planned and that she'll see him at the extraction point.

Meanwhile, Khasinau and Sark have entered the office. Khasinau is shocked to realize that someone had been there and shouts. At that time, Sydney and Tippin begin to make their away across the club, one of Khasinau's men recognizes her and prompts them to stop. Sydney ignores him and duct herself and Tippin behind the bar. The man opens fires. The young woman returns fire and empty her charger. She then engages in some hefty fighting with Khasinau's men while Tippin observes from a distance dazzled.

As Sydney and Tippin make their way outside the club, they hook up with Jack who is waiting for them in a car. The young reporter's sight of relief is short lived however, as he witnesses first hand Jack gunning down one of Khasinau's man. Moments later, Jack drives Sydney and Tippin away. The austere man phones the CIA and asks for a cover escort and a full identity switch. The young man still troubled, by the extraordinary he just experienced, asks in dismay: "Who the hell are you people?" Neither answer.

Arrived shortly at a CIA safe house in Paris, Jack informs one of the agents present that Tippin has no field experience and that he needs to a makeover. The journalist seems lost and confused. Sydney urges him to go with the agent and tries reassure him that everything will be fine. Agent with a French accent leads Tippin the upstairs and instructs the young man to take off his clothes. Tippin unsure of everything, keeps looking a Sydney. The impatient closes the door and presses Tippin to pay attention. The agent then turn to his colleagues and instructs them to hurry up with Tippin's transformation.

Sydney accuses Jack of having brought Tippin into this whole mess, Jack retorts that Tippin was already looking into Danny's death (cf. 101 "Truth Be Told"), that Sloane had found out (cf. 108 "Time Will Tell") and that he had no choice but to protect him from security section. The austere man reveals to Sydney that he and Tippin flew to Paris to track down Deep Throat, the mole who was feeding Tippin information and steering him toward SD-6 (cf. 1.09 "Mea Culpa"). Jack believes the informant works in intelligence, however Sydney is positive that the men interrogating Will were Khasinau's goons. In the light of this information, Jack surmises a new theory. Khasinau wanted to destroy SD-6, he tried and failed with Cole (cf. 1.12 "The Box, Part One", 1.13 "The Box, Conclusion"), articles in the press would be equally damaging and amidst all of this, Tippin wasn't selected at random. Jack fears that Khasinau also intends to expose them.

The CIA has finished the journalist's makeover and the French speaking agent drags him down. Tippin takes a hard glance at Sydney. The young woman hugs him warmly before warning him not to tell anyone about this. The two are then separated as she promises to see him at home.

LOS ANGELES. Meanwhile Sloane is in his office talking over the phone with his wife, Emily. She surmises that considering her illness, it is bold of her to making plan for next week. Unfortunately their conversation is cut short by a priority call from Alain Christophe. Sloane informs Emily that he has to take another call and promises to talk to her later. Christophe first congratulates Sloane for having deprived Khasinau of a value prize and then reveals that The Alliance has taken in consideration his wife's illness and have granted her a reprieve.

Late a night, Dixon is recalling the flashbacks of the Argentina mission (cf. 1.08 "Time Will Tell") and more importantly the exact moment that Sydney radioed for help. The next day, back at the Credit Dauphine building, Dixon confronts Sydney about her arm. He says that he know he arm is hurt and would much like to hear her explanation as how that happened. The young woman makes up some silly story about having suffered an accident in Palm Spring. Dixon turns around and pretends that it's nothing but clearly he knows that something is wrong.


Later in Sloane's office, Sydney pleas that the only possible explanation why Khanisau' men came after is that Sark must have tipped off Khasinau. Sloane says that it's inconsequential since the mission was a success. At which time, Dixon points out that Sark got away. The SD-6 director retorts that he envisioned the possibly, hence why he had security section lace the wine with non-lethal dose of a radioactive isotope that can be tracked via satellite. According to Sloane, SD-6 has been tracking Sark since he left the club. The plan is to wait until the plane lands and then vector a team to apprehend him.

As Dixon leaves, Sloane asks Sydney to stay for a minute. He knows that Sydney visited Emily at the hospital last week, that the two had a nice conversation (cf. 1.18 "The Solution") and that some of the things which Emily said should have warranted a deliberate course of actions. Sydney experienced this first hand (cf. 1.01 "Truth Be Told"). Sloane informs her that since Emily is not likely to last a week, he has been able to obtain an exemption. The young woman says that she's glad. The old man retorts the knew that she would be, which is why he told. He also further surmises that it was Sydney's duty to report Emily to security section and she didn't and even he acknowledges that this is more than he did for her.

During her next clandestine meeting with Vaughn, Sydney relishes the opportunity to recount the whole experience to her handler. Vaughn is shocked at the idea that Sydney could feel sympathy for Arvin Sloane and reminds her that Sloane would undoubtedly have her killed if he knew the two of them are talking. Sydney agrees. Vaughn explains that office of security is drawing up a contingency plan to keep Will Tippin safe, witness protection or as a last resort recruitment. The young woman isn't pleases at that prospect at all, and defends fiercely that she doesn't want Tippin mixed up in this life. Vaughn retorts that Tippin is already swamp in it. After rambling about her friendship with Tippin, Sydney confesses that her greater fear is in fact that Tippin will never trust her again.

Sydney goes to visit Tippin at the CIA safe house. The young woman knows that that he has questions. Therefor to quick start the conversation, Sydney reminds her friend that she did told him not to pursue the story. For the first time, she confides to Tippin that Danny was killed because what she told him and that there are so many things that she would like to tell him but she simply can't. The journalist says that he only went after the story because of Danny, that all he wanted to do was help and promises to never ask her or anyone a thing. Tippin admits that he doesn't love her because of what she does, or what doesn't do-- he simply loves her. Sydney is touched and thanks him warmly. Tippin emphasis that he should be the one thanking her for saving his life.

Sloane and Emily are in Emily's room at the SD-6 hospital. The treating doctor informs the two of them that according to the preliminary results seem to indicate that Emily is now remission. The old woman is ecstatic at good news, Sloane tries to be supportive of her and hide the best he can the difficult choice that lies ahead of them.

Meanwhile the SD-6 alpha team converges on Sark's position, only to realize that Sark is nowhere to be found. Apparently the witty operative of The Man has successfully completed a dialyze, removing any trace of the radioactive isotope from his system and to dither his pursuers he simply left the extraneous blood bags behind.

Back to Tippin at the CIA safe house. The intrepid journalist hears someone knocking at the door and goes to answer. Tippin is in shock to see Sark, a man he's never seen before, pointing a gun directly at him. Within a few seconds, Sark pulls the trigger and shoots Tippin.

To be continued...

1.22 "Almost Thirty Years (Season Finale)"
Short summary
While Sydney enlists her father's help in a daring plan to save Will Tippin's life, Arvin Sloane has to ponder a difficult decision. Michael Vaughn makes the ultimate sacrifice.
Detailed summary


In the last episode, Sark has drugged Will Tippin with a tranquilizer dart and dragged him all the way to Khasinau's hideout in Taipei. Once there, the smart and talented henchmen had Tippin handcuffed to a chair (in a room that closely resembled the location where Sydney was interrogated in 1.01 "Truth Be Told"). To start off, Sark warns him that his employer has asked that he be kept Tippin alive but not comfortable. He then asks Tippin what is The Circumference (cf. 1.21 "Rendezvous") and how he came to know about it. Tippin replies that there has been a major misunderstanding, that he doesn't know anything. Sark leaves. Two Chinese soldiers come into the room to prepare Tippin for tooth extraction.

LOS ANGELES. Meanwhile at Sydney's house in Los Angeles, the intrepid double agent is merle just getting up. Her roommate Francie is rambling that she just decided to open a restaurant. Sydney looks at her worried that she might be making a impulse decision and queries Francie about her exact plans. At that exact moment, her cell phone rings and Sydney answers. The young woman immediately recognizes Sark's distinctive accent. He is calling Sydney to make a trade, he wants the blank page (cf. 1.21 "Rendezvous") and the ampoule (cf. 1.20 "The Solution") in exchange for Tippin's life.

Sydney immediately gets in contact with her father, Jack Bristow. Her intentions are clear, she plans to steel the page from SD-6, and the ampoule from the CIA and hand them over to Sark. Jack disagrees, he feels that it would be unwise to blindly hand to the enemy something they want so desperately and suggests that they should get the ampoule and use it to make the content of the blank page visible (cf. "Page 47") and only then would they decide upon a course of actions. Jack expects that getting the ampoule from the CIA storage facility to be easy, his main concern regards the page which was moved to a SD-6 off site lab for analysis. It is surrounded by water and access requires Sloane's voice and finger prints. Sydney's beeper goes off, she acquits that it's a meeting with her handler Michael Vaughn. Jack surmises that since the safe house was compromised (cf. 1.21 "Rendezvous") Khasinau must have a source inside the CIA, thus until the mole is discovered she shouldn't tell Vaughn a thing.

Next Sydney meets with Vaughn at one of their usual clandestine spots. Vaughn reiterates that since the assailants used tranquilizers on the security team, he believes they weren't out for blood. Thus he assumes that is a kidnapping and expects the culprit to contact them. Sydney says that she's just so scared for her friend and hopes that Vaughn will let her know if he hears anything. Sydney's lack of resolve raises suspicious in Vaughn's head and he is compelled to ask her if there is something going on. The young woman simply evades the question.

Later at the CIA office, Vaughn confides to his partner Eric Weiss that he feels that Sydney isn't telling him everything. Vaughn confers his thinking that it's not like Sydney to simply accept problems, typically she always tries to fix them. Weiss urges Vaughn to report this to CIA director Devlin. Vaughn doesn't want to but his partner cautions him not to put his feelings for Sydney ahead of his responsibilities to the agency. Vaughn barks at the insinuation. At that very moment, Haladki (cf. 1.12 "The Box, Part One") comes knocking on the door to remind Weiss that he has an appointment with him and that he's late.

Arvin Sloane has rented a beach house for his wife Emily to spend her last remaining days. Emily who is unknowing of the upcoming danger becomes particularly worried when her husband asks her to sit down. To Emily's dismay, Sloane starts off the conversation by revealing to her that SD-6 is not part of the CIA. Emily has an immediate reaction. The remainder of the exchange between the two is visibly very emotional but the viewers never get a chance to hear a word because the sound is muted and replace with a soft heartbreaking song.

In a small van parked outside Credit Dauphine, Jack reviews the specifics to Sydney about her upcoming illegal op. First she's expected to wear a shirt made of heat sensitive material, and entice to Sloane to touch her so they can get his prints, she'll also carry a wireless relay with her to allow Jack to log into Sloane's computer, and finally once Jack has acquired the password she'll lead the conversation. The objective is to get Sloane to pronounce the required phonemes that Jack will then shape into the words needed to foul the voice authentication system of the SD-6 lab. Before leaving the van Sydney warmly thanks Jack.

A few days after remembering flashbacks of the Argentina mission (cf. 1.08 "Time Will Tell"), Dixon goes to see Marshall to confirm his suspicions regarding Sydney. Dixon innocently asks Marshall what Sydney's codename was at the time of the mission. Marshall recalls that it was bluebird thereby confirming what Dixon already knew, Sydney had identified herself with the wrong codename when she radioed the CIA for help and referred to herself as freelancer.


Following up on her clandestine op, Sydney goes to see Sloane in his office and pretends to be concerned about Emily's fate. Sloane draws close to her and pads her on the shoulder briefly in sign of sympathy. Jack confirms that he's got his prints. However Sydney still needs to keep Sloane away from his computer. To buy herself time, the young woman makes up a lie about having missed never having connected with her own mother. She claims to have had those special moments with Emily (Sloane's wife) and is now uneasy at the thought of losing her (cf. 1.21 "Rendezvous"). The phone rings. Sloane asks his unbeknown enemy to wait a moment. Sydney doesn't say anything and sit worried as Sloane grows ever closer to his computer terminal. Finally, Jack has just enough time to recover the password before Sloane can look at the screen. Sloane pick up the dialer and confirms via the phone that he'll be there. He then returns to see Sydney and reaffirms that he feels they both were very lucky that Emily lived as long as she did. Jack begins to collect syllables, after a few moments he informs his daughter that he only lacks consonant "ch" as in "choose". Impromptus Sydney leads the conversation unto the topic of having children.

Sydney: Did you and Emily ever think of having children?

Sloane: What we do here Sydney, is more than just a career. I didn't think it would be fair to bring someone into the world who couldn't really know their father. Seeing the kind of woman you've become, knowing that I had something to do with it... that's as rewarding as if I had a child of my own.

With the last phoneme in place, Jack now has everything he needs. Through their communication devices, he reminds Sydney that has only minutes before the passwords change. Sydney leaves Sloane's office. Across from her, Dixon is siting at his workstation watching. Sydney notices that he's looking straight at her and innocently smiles. Dixon smiles back.

In Taipei The Suit And Tie (cf. 1.01 "Truth Be Told") has just finished drilling one of Tippin's teeth and now asks Tippin to talk to him about The Circumference. The young reporter swears that he doesn't know anything. Forged with determination, the interrogator then uses a plier to extract a teeth. Tippin screams as the crackling sound dominates the background.

In Sloane office, Ramon reminds Sloane that The Alliance granted to spared his wife on the premise that she was suffering from a terminal illness (cf. 1.21 "Rendezvous"). Now that she is recovering that no longer holds true. Sloane expresses his intention to bring Emily into SD-6 to thwart the fact that her unauthorized knowledge of SD-6 warrants her termination (cf. 1.20 "The Solution"). Ramon interjects that it that won't work. Sloane threaten that if The Alliance kills Emily, he won't do the things necessary to save The Alliance. He surmises that the organization is crumbling under weight of corruption, bureaucracy, infighting, and fear. With enemies like Khasinau, the spy world's landscape has changed and The Alliance needs new leadership to cope with those changes. Sloane make a clear demand for a chair on the partner's table (cf. 1.16 "The Prophecy"). Ramon retorts that he is here because The Alliance has already voted on the issue, the vote was unanimous, they agreed that he should be admitted as full partner but the offer is contingent to the condition that he takes care of the other matter personally.

Just across the river from the SD-6 lab, Sydney puts on her diving suit and gets ready to swim underwater. Dixon who has followed her since she left Credit Dauphine has parked his car nearby and watches her go.


Sydney swims right down to the drainage system, where she fries a grate that allows access inside the compound. She runs right up to the lab and uses a latex duplicate Sloane's finger print and a prerecorded voice sample to authenticate her gain entry into the restricted area. Sydney finds the blank page and pours it inside a waterproof cylinder.

In the meantime, Jack drives to the CIA storage facility and shows his CIA badge at the front gate. He's allowed inside. The austere man walks through the archive room until he arrive nearby the metal cabinet he was looking for. Jack inputs a code on a keypad to unlock it, he opens the cabinet and he takes out the ampoule with the Rambaldi solution.

Meanwhile, at the CIA office, Vaughn is being questioned regarding some of the comments he made earlier. Apparently, Weiss told the inquiry that Vaughn was suspicious of Sydney Bristow and now they want details. Haladky tries to get Vaughn to say that he believes that Miss Bristow and her father are trying to secure release of Mr. Tippin on their own. Vaughn avoids the question. Devlin addresses the issue directly and when he bluntly asks if Vaughn believes that Sydney was hiding something from him. Vaughn reluctantly says yes.

Devlin contacts the CIA storage facility from his office. He informs them that according to the record Jack Bristow checked in at their location and he wants them to keep in there. To his dismay, the operator retorts that he has already left. Devlin hangs the phone, visibly angry.

Sydney emerges from the waters only to find herself confronted by her SD-6 partner Marcus Dixon. He recalls that during the Argentina mission (cf. 1.08 "Time Will Tell") that radioed for help using the call sign freelancer (cf. 1.21 "Rendezvous") and points to the fact her SD-6 call sign for that particular mission was bluebird. Dixon bluntly asks her who she's working for? The young woman tries the patriotic card, claiming that would never do anything to hurt him or to betray what they both believe in. Unfortunately Dixon doesn't know what she believes anymore, she has been lying to him for so long and now demands that she give him a reason not to the report her to security section.

Jack Bristow puts a call to CIA director Devlin. Devlin who's obviously worried wants Bristow to tell him what he's doing. Jack reiterates what Devlin already knows, that he's saving someone's life. Devlin retorts that he might be ending another, referring to fact he just stole classified property of the United States government. Jack reassures him that he'll get the solution plus as an added bonus a copy of the Rambaldi page. Devlin is still uneasy with this, especially since he green lighted Haladki to start an inquiry. Devlin emphasis that the little slug has some good questions: why would Jack want to risk Tippin's life in the first place and more importantly how he came to know about The Circumference? Devlin wants Jack to come back to office. Jack doesn't oblige and asks him to confirm that they are friends. Devlin says he used to think so. Jack concludes that he would see him only after the job is done.

In Taipei, the suit and tie further frightens Tippin with a revelation about the truth serum he's about to administer him: one out of five men who receives it has an unfortunate reaction which results in a number of nasty things including paralysis. The interrogator then injects Tippin with the serum and asks him about The Circumference again. The young reporter simply says that he doesn't know and breaks into tears.

At the newspaper office, Abigail emphasis that it's now six days and Tippin hasn't even shown up at his own award diner or called his friends. Following up on a promise that she made to Tippin (cf. 1.20 "The Solution") she presses June Litvack (their boss) into publishing his article on SD-6. Finally, after much debate, June confirms that she's going to include it in the "A Section".

Hiding at some obscure location, Sydney recalls her encounter with Dixon and her fear that he's going to report her. Jack reassures her that they'll deal with the crisis if need be. Using a paintbrush, Sydney delicately applies the Rambaldi solution onto the blank page. Within a few seconds, the content is revealed. The young woman recognizes the device she stole from Taipei last year (cf. 1.01 "Truth Be Told"). Jack reveals that a while ago a report came through the CIA claiming that Khasinau was looking for something called The Circumference, a method of applying technology he had acquired. If Khasinau had already built one of those devices this page would tell him how to use it, concludes the young woman. Jack warns Sydney to keep the page safe and not to go home. He has things to do, he says that he'll contact her again when the plane is ready.

At the end of his day's work at the CIA, Haladki is heading back home. He barely has entered his car that Jack grabs him from behind and beats him unconscious. The tall shadowy man drags the mole into an abandoned warehouse where he firmly immobilizes him. Jack then sprays Haladki's eyes with detergent. The little squid abruptly regains consciousness and begins to complain that his eyes hurt. Jack bluntly asks Haladki if he works for Khasinau. Haladki says no. The austere man recalls that Devlin said that he mentioned The Circumference and since Haladki doesn't have clearance to know what that is, he must have learned about from the outside. Haladki calls Jack a "son of a bitch". In return, Mr. Bristow tightens the vices. The slime ball is still denying everything. Jack tightens them again and this time we could hear Haladki's bones crackling. After much screaming, he finally admits his connection to Khasinau. Jack takes out a gun and holds at Haladki's neck to secure a confession from him. The rat flamboyantly admits that he has been serving Khasinau for the past two years and that The Circumference is a battery intended to be used by a device Khasinau has built. Jack wants to know more. Haladki details the location in Taipei where the device is held. [...] In the aftermath, Jack shoots Haladki at point blank range.

Sydney is sitting all alone in the train station, waiting for her father to contact her. When suddenly she's joined by Vaughn who naturally sits on a bench adjacent to hers. They look in opposite directions. The young man claims that he's looked everywhere for her. Sydney is skeptical. Her colleague recalls what she once told him that normal people go to their normal jobs. Sydney is flattered that he remembered. Vaughn theorizes that Khasinau has already contacted the young woman, he wants the page and Sydney is planning to hand it to him. She exposes with disgust that she thinks Vaughn came her with the intention to stop her. Vaughn does address the issue and starts talking about his own dad (cf. 1.06 "Reckoning"). He claims that his father was a company man, a good man, that he loved very much. Vaughn reckons that his old man kept a diary where he wrote all the things that he wanted to say to the CIA director about the missions he objected to. However he never had to guts to raise his voice and over the years his blind devotion to the job killed him. Vaughn concludes that if Sydney is about to do what she feels is right that she can count on him. The young woman thanks him.


Jack, Sydney and Vaughn are on plane bound for Taipei. The tall man reviews the plan. According to his source, he says that Khasinau has already built a working version of the device and it's being stored in an underground lab, room 47. By the time Jack hands the page in exchange for Tippin Sydney and Vaughn must have destroyed both the device and the lab. [...]

Meanwhile in Taipei, The Suit and Tie concludes that if Tippin knew anything he would have talked by now. Sark implies that he suspected that much and, that it didn't since it's time to prepare Tippin for the exchange. Shortly after the interrogator approaches the reporter and looks at him. He then snaps his fingers to signal to his aids that he wants them to pick up the young man. As they finish unlocking the handcuffs, Tippin pushes them away and grab the syringe containing the truth serum and jabs it into The Suit and Tie's neck. "One in five, you little bitch... one in five..." hysterically spouts Tippin as the two soldiers drags him away. The interrogator collapses shortly after.

Back at the beach house, Sloane pours powdered poison into one of the two wine glasses resting on a table in front of him. He then brings them back to the dining room. Sloane hands one glass to his wife and deposits the other near his own plate. He is about begin to eat when Emily makes an emotional apologetic speech about not being able to judge him what he does. She finally concludes that she forgives him. The proud woman raises her glass and Sloane raises his. She drinks a gulp and he does the same. The camera pans over to Sloane. His lips are shaking. At first, we hear the sound of Emily eating off her plate and then we're left to contemplate complete silence for a few seconds.

TAIPEI. Sydney and Vaughn have arrived at the club and make their way through the dancing crowd. Amidst her travels Sydney is dragged by some asian guy. Vaughn pushes him away. Sydney looks at him shortly and blushes for a moment. The two head for the bathroom where the discretely break the lock on a door leading to the lower levels.

In a small alley, Jack meets with Sark to get by with the exchange that was agreed upon. Sark comments that Jack is doing his daughter's work and there were speculations that he would make an appearance. The austere man asserts that if Sark is not comfortable dealing with him they can waive their business for the night and say goodbye. "Are you comfortable? Do you feels comfortable trading priceless documents for a low-grade reporter?" replies Sark. "You should read some of Tippin' stuff, it's not so bad." retorts Jack. Although Sark wants to see the document, Jack demands to see Tippin first. One of Khasinau's men brings Tippin out of the car. Jack presents the now exposed page. Sark confirms that parchment fibers are consistent with the original Rambaldi document and agrees to the deal. Khasinau's henchmen then return to the limousine. Jack and Tippin are left behind. Impromptus, the reporter approaches Jack and warmly hugs him.

While Vaughn blocks out the video signal on the security monitors, Sydney runs toward the secret as fast as she can. On her way, she beats the crap out of two guards and finds the door leading to a room identified as #47. Sydney pushes the red button and enters the lab. The young woman finds the Rambaldi device which turns out to be bigger that she thought it would be.


When Vaughn notices that his communication with Sydney is breaking up, he decides to go look for her. In the meantime, Sydney is still pondering how to destroy the device when two Chinese soldiers sum her to surrender. She ignores them and simply runs double back around the room. They two soldiers follow her. Sydney attaches the bomb to the base of the Rambaldi device. Within a few seconds it went boom. Without power the electromagnetic field breaks up and the water contained inside the sphere reaps out. The young woman begins to run. The Tidal wave strolls down the corridor after her.

Sydney hooks up with Vaughn who is just standing there frozen. The young woman presses him to run. The two head for the airtight door at the end of the corridor, which is closing rapidly. Miss Bristow has a leap advance on Vaughn and manages to slip through the door before it closes. Unfortunately Vaughn is trapped on the other side and the pressurize water bangs him against the door. Sydney picks up a bottle of fire extinguisher and repeatedly tries to break the glass window. Nothing happens. A soldier moves to apprehend the young woman and she beats the crap out of him. Moments later she looks at the window one last time but Vaughn is gone. Her focus lost, Sydney is stroke from behind and knock unconscious.

When Sydney returns to her senses, she finds herself handcuffed to the same chair that Tippin was. Alexander Khasinau comes into the room and offers her something to eat. Sydney refuses. Khasinau is about to leave when she prompts that she has questions to ask him. He retorts that she should rather ask his boss. Sydney is confused, she always thought The Man (cf. 1.12 "The Box Part One") was the boss. Khasinau confirms this but also volunteers new information to the effect that he is not The Man. He leaves the room. A tall shadows silhouette walks in and says: "I've almost waited thirty years for this." Sydney who is still visibly in shock slips out only one word: "Mom?"

To be continued...

Sydney Bristow is a college girl who leads a double life. While she continues her education at college she is also a spy. Originally thinking she was working for a special department in the CIA, Sydney comes to realise she is in fact working for SD-6, the very enemy which the CIA is fighting against. After realising this she walks into the CIA headquarters at Langley and reveals everything, turning herself into a double agent. She is now striving to bring down SD-6 from the inside with the occasional help of a man she hardly knows who is also a double agent inside SD-6, her father....

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